How to make a woman pay for dates

Fess up them coin Ma! So as a guy you'll eventually realise the dating scene costs money. In order to be in the dating game you have to pay for the gym, maintain a healthy diet, pay for your hobby to keep you an interesting person and if you decide to use dating apps then... Continue Reading →


How to make a woman fall for you

Soul Binder   So most of my posts are focused solely on how to bag chicks by the dozen but eventually in the game you’ll find a chick who is better than the rest (It happens) and you want to take it further with her. This post is about establishing that connection and the things... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Negative chicks

Dealing with depressed/negative emo chicks is the real title lol. Now in your game career you’re gonna run into chicks that are just negative about everything in life but fire as fuck and they’re pretty long to deal with. Depressed negative pessimistic chicks are extremely long to deal with if you’re an inexperienced guy. They... Continue Reading →

Reverse Last Minute Resistance

There’s going to be an influx of high level tech but I believe my readers are more suiting of this stuff rather than how do I get a girl to hold my hand. This technique only works if you have a rotation and the pussy won’t be missed. What you do is create an allure... Continue Reading →

Snapchat Game

How you should be using it So it’s no surprise that guys aren’t using this tool correctly because it’s meant for chicks but as heartiste says an alpha male (I hate this term now) is more like a woman in terms of seduction and understands the psychology behind why they do things and then use... Continue Reading →

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