Discord Server

Hi Guys,   Currently finishing up my guide which explains the current hiatus however in this downtime between posts I have created a discord server. The purpose of this server is to give men a place to discuss and share game advice in a place with other like minded men. Get texting advice, dating... Continue Reading →

Caveman Game

So what is Caveman game. It is the game of men who just don’t give a fuck but have the good enough looks, strong enough natural game and aura that makes women respond to shit they would normally cringe at from any other guy. However you do not need to be naturally born with this... Continue Reading →

How to make a woman pay for dates

Fess up them coin Ma! So as a guy you'll eventually realise the dating scene costs money. In order to be in the dating game you have to pay for the gym, maintain a healthy diet, pay for your hobby to keep you an interesting person and if you decide to use dating apps then... Continue Reading →

How to make a woman fall for you

Soul Binder   So most of my posts are focused solely on how to bag chicks by the dozen but eventually in the game you’ll find a chick who is better than the rest (It happens) and you want to take it further with her. This post is about establishing that connection and the things... Continue Reading →

Readers Mailbag

Readers Mailbag So contrary to popular belief I actually do answer quite a few of your emails but because life calls it takes me time to reply especially when asked the same question numerous times so I’ve decided I’ll make a new post every few weeks or so once the emails pile up and go... Continue Reading →

The current state of the game

The current market is flawed So I’m back after a years hiatus to delve back into the game after I proceeded to reach the max level I could achieve at that time. In order to achieve the new level, found a new job that paid more than my old salaries, hit the gym more than... Continue Reading →

Game never dies

It only gets better So today I met a guy older than me by nearly a decade still killing it in the game. He was 36, 6’3, recently divorced and got back into the gym then started slaying. I noticed him as he was at the bar next to me swiping away at women on... Continue Reading →

The Art Of Foreplay

Dark arts chapter gazillion and five The amazing art of foreplay. Foreplay is a lost art. A failing point known as last minute resistance in the pick-up artist community is when a girl stops you from fucking the life out of her at the very last second but with foreplay you can change a woman’s... Continue Reading →

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