How to make a woman fall for you

Soul Binder   So most of my posts are focused solely on how to bag chicks by the dozen but eventually in the game you’ll find a chick who is better than the rest (It happens) and you want to take it further with her. This post is about establishing that connection and the things... Continue Reading →

The current state of the game

The current market is flawed So I’m back after a years hiatus to delve back into the game after I proceeded to reach the max level I could achieve at that time. In order to achieve the new level, found a new job that paid more than my old salaries, hit the gym more than... Continue Reading →

Live Game Advice

So due to the fact this blog is finally getting the recognition it deserves and after a year of saving you guys from pussyless betadom I have decided to take it a step further. From now on you guys will be able to receive game advice from me personally if you send an email to... Continue Reading →

Abundance mentality

  “VII. Always keep two in the kitty  Never allow yourself to be a “kept man”. A man with options is a man without need.” - Heartiste I can’t lie at some point every guy will find a girl that he thinks is the one above all and sometimes you’re right this babe is your end... Continue Reading →

To roast or to dumpsterdive

​ If the lads don't know the standards go low? Or nah   So I was chilling with my housemate who is a natural in the game. He smashes chicks with no effort, has multiple chicks in rotation and lets every chick know from the get go he only wants pussy. I’ve seen him smash... Continue Reading →


Get used to it bitch So I write this piece after being rejected going in for a kiss on a chick I’ve already smashed. I beat it up like her name was Rhonda Rousey and I was Amanda Nunes but all of a sudden she decides that she’s better than meaningless sex and you know... Continue Reading →

Rain drops (Tinder opener) 

So I've been running a new opener on tinder with a high success rate and its a simple one that works like 90% of the time.  Simply message a girl saying "Rain drops" the reason this works is because currently there's a popular song called bad and boujiee by the migos and everyone who isn't... Continue Reading →

Get home safely 

Now a while back a chick I saw on a date gave me her number whilst her date was in the bathroom. We went for drinks the week after, she had a slim size 8 figure with everything in proportion to her frame, I honestly couldn’t wait to tear that ass up but we parted... Continue Reading →

Game advice twitter page

So I've decided to make a page to help you guys with game advice whether you're stuck with what to say to women or just stuck with what you need to do in regards to level up your game I'll be here at @godismanadv   Follow and dm me I'm here to help

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