How to make a woman pay for dates

Fess up them coin Ma! So as a guy you'll eventually realise the dating scene costs money. In order to be in the dating game you have to pay for the gym, maintain a healthy diet, pay for your hobby to keep you an interesting person and if you decide to use dating apps then... Continue Reading →

Readers Mailbag

Readers Mailbag So contrary to popular belief I actually do answer quite a few of your emails but because life calls it takes me time to reply especially when asked the same question numerous times so I’ve decided I’ll make a new post every few weeks or so once the emails pile up and go... Continue Reading →

The best of Heartiste Maxims

Now there’s a list of scriptures written for man by man containing the most important pieces of information all guys should know. Most men don’t possess this knowledge but by internalising these laws of man you will become a woman attracting machine to the point you don’t even work for pussy. I present to you... Continue Reading →

The Power Of Weed

          Chill, bun and beat. CBB. Like the cartoon channel this is one of the many secrets handed down to us men by Lord Barebakkus himself. One of my friends noticed that when I secure chicks there’s always a formula I use to escape the boring first date in a bar... Continue Reading →

No date bangs 

#TheDarkTech Today lads we’re going to learn the no dates bang method which I have perfected over the years. No we all know dates are expensive and time consuming . Two double rum and cokes followed by a few shots will set you back £30 easy which whilst seems like nothing till it picks up... Continue Reading →

Qualifier Tinder Bio

Here's a quick tinder bio that will get women to message you more and it's simply "Describe yourself in 3 emojis" If you guys follow me on twitter you would have seen me tweet this just to show you guys that people can help but wanna talk about and describe themselves it's just a thing... Continue Reading →

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