Game never dies

It only gets better So today I met a guy older than me by nearly a decade still killing it in the game. He was 36, 6’3, recently divorced and got back into the gym then started slaying. I noticed him as he was at the bar next to me swiping away at women on... Continue Reading →


When A Bitch Tries To Make You Jealous

A Masterclass In Frame So I be chilling as I do and a slick bitch decides to send me a message. It says “Hey” but little do I know it’s not a Hey what are you up too type message. Nope she’s only here to brag about her new boyfriend she’s probably found off tinder... Continue Reading →

The Art Of Foreplay

Dark arts chapter gazillion and five The amazing art of foreplay. Foreplay is a lost art. A failing point known as last minute resistance in the pick-up artist community is when a girl stops you from fucking the life out of her at the very last second but with foreplay you can change a woman’s... Continue Reading →

The best of Heartiste Maxims

Now there’s a list of scriptures written for man by man containing the most important pieces of information all guys should know. Most men don’t possess this knowledge but by internalising these laws of man you will become a woman attracting machine to the point you don’t even work for pussy. I present to you... Continue Reading →

I’m not lame you’re lame

  A masterclass in frame   So one of the main most important aspects of game is frame. If there’s anything that brings in the bitches more than any aspect of game it’s frame. Frame is the undying belief that you are the shit and no one else on this planet comes close to your... Continue Reading →

The art of the extended rotation

The art of the extended rotation This post is for the experienced junglars out there. The Rengars of our society. It’s about how to keep chicks in semi rotation let me explain. So in your life there’s gonna be women you get with that you clicked with, got on fine whatever but it just didn’t... Continue Reading →

How to get away with cheating

  So this is going to be a dark triad post aimed at guys with a darker disposition. Eventually in the game something will happen and it’s that you’ll eventually find a girl that you think is the one or has amazing traits which makes you think that she’s more than a girlfriend.   But... Continue Reading →

Reverse Last Minute Resistance

There’s going to be an influx of high level tech but I believe my readers are more suiting of this stuff rather than how do I get a girl to hold my hand. This technique only works if you have a rotation and the pussy won’t be missed. What you do is create an allure... Continue Reading →

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