Caveman Game

So what is Caveman game. It is the game of men who just don’t give a fuck but have the good enough looks, strong enough natural game and aura that makes women respond to shit they would normally cringe at from any other guy.
However you do not need to be naturally born with this skill in order to hone it.
Today we will be discussing caveman game and intricacies of the rare form in this world of feminised bitch tittied men.
Now Caveman game is a trait of naturally high testosterone men who have the traits of the alpha naturally buried in their genes. They see the world as their domain and everything else is secondary. These type of men though they vary in form tend to be very direct due to their lack of care and realise early on into the game that it’s a numbers thing. Whilst some men use caveman game as an attempt due to desperation it does not work simply because they lack the innate ability to pull it off.
Sending your dick pics to a ton of chicks is caveman game in slight albeit a lower tiered variant based more upon I’m just gonna try my luck, see what happens and hopefully some slut bites. Alpha caveman game is I’m going to try my luck and say something wild but in a way that is commanding and sets off gina tingles in women because they’re being spoken to by a man who knows what he wants.
This is a do not try this at home type post due to the nature of caveman game being pretty gung-ho. Most men trying this will fail due to not having the true love of being themselves which gives you the aura that causes this success.
To explain caveman game we will look at some examples provided to me by someone close who uses caveman game to great success. The guy is tall, attracts women and doesn’t see them as equal so he talks to them accordingly but guess what? It works. A man who knows what he wants turns on the fire hydrant in women because she knows he’s a natural born leader. Pro tip when deciding for a place to eat, be sure to know what you want, where you want to go and do not be indecisive about this. You are being judged on your leading skills.
Back on topic here is an example of some caveman game live in action on tinder “Incredible scenes, Over to you Jeff”.


So here is a prime example of caveman game. Let’s analyse this piece. His first message is so what brings you to tinder?. This is almost as direct as you can be without being direct in an opener due to the limited options it gives her.
The options are:

“I’m just seeing what this app is about/Not looking for anything serious” = She’s here to fuck

“I’m looking for a relationship” = Still here to fuck but going to make the first person who bothers work at least one or two dates for it before he gets bored of her bland personality, realises the pussy wasn’t worth the trouble and eventually drops her slightly after the first few weeks. But at least she made him work for it so in her mind he’s the bad guy and she isn’t the hoe.

“I’ve just come out of a long relationship” = Here to fuck the guy who appeals to me most. These women are super easy as a chick who is new back in the market is excited to get back out there and try new dick. They are the quickest to bust it open.

Now her response is feminine gibberish. Long story? Any story that she considers long is a dreary story about her ex or some other boring bullshit she could have made shorter than a few sentences but then she states I gets lots of attention but I still have the app. This woman is an idiot attention whore. Many would overlook this gibberish but if you analyse it you’ll realise she’s an idiot.
Why have an app on your phone that annoys you if you don’t enjoy the attention? Why not just delete it right.

Next she asks him what he is after and he states and I quote “I JUST WANT PUSSY THAT’S ALL” guys here is the most alpha obscene statement I’ve ever had the glory to witness. I died the first time this was shown to me and told my friend to send it immediately so I could make this post and let the world know that sometimes going for it works.

The reason this works is because he is being true to his intentions. When I spoke to him, he told me that the chick in person mentioned that every other guy she spoke to only kept to trivial subjects and shitty openers.

“How was your day”

“What are you up too?”

All this shit is pointless if you just want to fuck her. If you’re trying to build a relationship or something stronger then I get it. But this isn’t often the case with women on this app are looking for a quick fuck or situationship to cure the loneliness.
You have to speak to them in such a way that appeals to the inner whore demon and force it to take over their hive mind.
Every chick has an inner whore demon who justifies all her actions with the “What I did was slutty but I’m not a slut” motto and the way you speak to that demon is direct.

If you don’t know an inner whore demon looks like, wait till a chick you’re seeing for a while gets wine drunk. You’ll find out fast.

Now she replies “Haha very honest kl” the conversation would have ended there for most men as it seems she is leaving a closed statement but Alpha guys press on. Most women wouldn’t even have responded to that message and by her doing that there’s a small level of interest that goes over the head of most men.
He then states “Are you going to give me pussy”. I’m still finding it hard to type this without laughing because you can almost hear the inner Caveman. Funniest piece of interaction I’ve ever had the honour to glimpse.

However the monkey emoji she used says volumes. Never has a guy spoken to her like this and she doesn’t know how to react. There is turmoil inside her brain and she begins to type back in such a way that is completely new to her almost as if being controlled by something lol.
She sends back a filthy message as the whore demon genome deep in her brain has been activated.
He asks her where she’s from, meets her the same day and fucks her with minimal effort.
Ladies and gents that is Caveman game when it works it works.

The cons to caveman game is obviously some men take it too far. Dick pics without consent, galactic level horny messages right off the bat and being too touchy before the time is right are all negatives traits that all men who use this type of game seem to follow.
Should they learn to rid themselves of these traits and focus on the stronger aspects of caveman game such as being direct and knowing what hoe traits to look for in a woman then they’ll bed more women than any other type of game.

Again do not try this at home.

Next week: Alpha/Beta Ratio – How to keep your woman by maintaining the correct ratio in your relationship

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