How to make a woman pay for dates

Fess up them coin Ma!

So as a guy you’ll eventually realise the dating scene costs money. In order to be in the dating game you have to pay for the gym, maintain a healthy diet, pay for your hobby to keep you an interesting person and if you decide to use dating apps then probably premium membership to make the game easier for yourself. 

With all these costs eating at your pocket for self maintenance alone once you start bagging numbers the figures will rise once again. 

You’re a chump who pays for dinner the first date every time that’s gonna cost you more you spend on your food shopping every month. 

Cinema dates will set you back and are boring as fuck, adventurous dates are not done when you first start seeing her unless she’s a catch which leaves drinks as the most cost effective interaction. 

Now you’re starting to see the picture more clearly you’ll understand why eventually you’ll want a woman who doesn’t mind going half on dates or paying their way. 

Do not fall folly to the words of broke leechy women who dictate men should pay for everything forever. They are looking for a father not boyfriend. A true lady understands that money is earned and would not wish to be babied in such a way as it could even at times come across disrespectful. 

A woman who offers to pay her way are what you want either for a long term gf, fuck buddy or situationship.

Imagine you’re seeing a woman for 3 months. The entire time she’s been coming to your house she hasn’t offered to buy any food, any weed or munchies but in return gives you pussy. 

This is light prostitution. You’re basically paying for her time indirectly which comes at a cash loss for yourself. 

The rule is beta’s pay, alpha’s split, God tier men profit. 

Beta men. God bless their naive souls believe that you must pay the way for women, they need to be provided for and one must do all in his power to appease his princess. 

Though this is true to a certain degree once you’ve been in the jungle for a minute you’ll realise there are men out there living completely rent free from dick game alone. 

Unfair world right? Stop playing by the rules. 

Alpha men either variant the one who learned game via ancient scriptures such as this or ones who were born a natural such as myself (lol) make a woman pay as a sign of commitment. 

They realise this shit isn’t cost effective early into the game and make her fess up some coins as a way to show she’s interested. 

God tier alpha men profit. There are men out there who live rent free completely off a woman from dick game alone offering nothing. Though this situation isn’t pulled off correctly in most cases and it’s usually a man way above a woman’s level taking advantage of the point system. There are men who have woman buy them gifts upon gifts for hope of keeping him appeased as she realises she isn’t on his level and will try everything within her power to keep him from leaving her.

You can easily show a woman you’re above her level by simply have interests, hobbies, letting her know about other women that are interest in a friendly way often pretending to be sick of the attention (Only attempt on women 6/10 and above). Going to the gym, going fun places and having an interesting social circle, job or social life.

Women (Christ I hate them) are the most tight fisted fuckers on the planet. If they live at home they’ll blow an entire paycheck on makeup and other garbage that makes zero sense to any male. Seeming most men are naturally beta even more so due to the changing times women have men generally paying their way a majority of the time. 

Chicks have men who drives them places, buy them food and all other manners of shit in order for her to not spend her funds. Some women do not enjoy this but that’s down to the conscience of the woman herself. 

Now you see with all these access of indirect funds a woman really never has to pay for shit so when she spends her money on you via a gift, food or even some snacks it signifies she likes you.

The correct ratio for this 2:1 for inexperienced alpha’s and 1:1 for experienced. 

What this means is for every two dates you plan she must plan one. The reason this works is simply because women don’t pay for dates so this power play will signify not only to you but to her that she’s into you. 

Now in order to get a babe to cough up some coins you’re either going to have to be seeing a woman who has morals and doesn’t want to be floated by a guy therefore she pays her way. The feeling of being a bum and mooching off a guy is sickening to her so she offers to go half on dates and will treat you if her money is right. 

Date a chick who’s loaded that doesn’t care about spending on you. This rarely happens but is possible so I’ll note it. You could go direct and call her out on it but then you just look like a broke boy who isn’t worth her time even if you’re levels above her. The final option is indirect which I find works the best. 

This is tricky to pull off because slightly wrong wording could make this act seem tacky. 

What you need to do is talk about other experiences your friends have been on. 


For example I was dating this tight fisted babe who I knew was fully into me. Unlike my normal self I went on two dates with her where I fitted the bill and I thought enough.

This woman knows a friend of mine who we met through and I utilise this by simply saying my friend went on an amazing date the other day and the chick paid for it. 

Then you act in shock and awe that a woman would pay for a date and you can even drop hints in there like “he always gets lucky with women and for some reason they love taking him out on dates. I’ve rarely seen a woman who actually does that”. 


If she’s an airhead it will go right over her head. Nothing you can do about that sorry. If she gets the hint and thinks this is the way to impress this guy. I need to show him I care and pay my way I’m not just leeching off him. I mean you could save yourself the time and honestly go direct because saying to her “I’ve paid for two dates now next ones on you” works pretty well but there’s just something about making a woman think it’s her idea that hits the spot differently. 


This works for anything pretty much you just need to edit your fable abit depending on your needs. 

Want her to bring weed every time she comes over? Mention your female friends do it and all your guests usually bring munchies. 

Play with it and see what results you get. Generally she’ll pay her way or at least chip in and if she doesn’t drop her. 

As I stated earlier life is too short to be dropping all your coins on some broad who guys have enjoyed for as little as three tequila shots. 

I honestly was not expecting this post to be this long however I hope you learn from this wall of text and apply this technique when needed.


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