How to make a woman fall for you

Soul Binder


So most of my posts are focused solely on how to bag chicks by the dozen but eventually in the game you’ll find a chick who is better than the rest (It happens) and you want to take it further with her.

This post is about establishing that connection and the things you have to do in order to get her to fall for you.

First things first you need to fuck her like it’s your last day on earth. The amount of effort you put into a woman in bed dictates how much you’re into her. A thirty second knee shaker where you’re the only person who nuts will have her turn on you quicker than you’d think.

The whatsapp avi will go grey before you even figured out what’s happened. You need to fuck the life out of her which includes foreplay (Follow my guide) and making sure you last long enough to give her the best time of her life. Unbeknownst to most there are tutorials on porn sites that teach you positions etc that could help you improve your game. They are taught by actual pornstars who talk about why it works and could help your game greatly if you’re inexperienced.

Next you need to create memories with her. As fun as it is calling her over to your place, rolling a few blunts, watching funny shit an fucking the life out of her is. A woman will eventually get bored of this no matter how sick your setup is. The key to creating memories is simply going on unique dates that no other guys have taken her on which is a lot easier than you’d think.

Avoid basic dates such as dinner/cinema all the time as they’re fun at times but can be awkward to establish any connection with her during that time as she’s either eating or engaged in the film. On top of that it’s just generic and she won’t think you’ve put in much effort.

Instead take her to the arcade, museums, exhibitions, comic book expos and anything that you’re interested in. Firework shows, flower gardens anything that will allow you to one speak to her/engage her emotions and two create a unique reference point in her head so that when she thinks of something fun she did recently the first thought would be you.

Women don’t really do any interesting shit with their days other than watch reality TV, make up tutorials and occupy their time with one or two interests if they have any (lucky).

Just by tearing yourself away from the pack you show her levels of investment most other guys aren’t willing to put in and puts your leagues ahead in her mind.

Do not underestimate the power of this, give up the generic bullshit dates and take her on unique memory building experiences. 


The final thing you need to do is establish an emotional connection. This is the vital technique that is hard to master simply because it requires a level of care no matter how fake. Before I go further do not implore these techniques with THOTS or women you are just trying to fuck. Keep it simple when you’re getting to know her and remember this stuff is only reserved for the elite women as thots catches feelings easily as they’re used to being treated like shit. So a guy doing the opposite no matter how little will land you in a rough situation.

Now we’ve established why we don’t shows hoes love let’s move onto how we build that connection.


Now in order to build a mental connection you need to listen to her. Find out her interests and hobbies. Make note of them and when it comes to her birthday or something get her a sentimental gift whenever you feel ready. Expensive thoughtless gifts to a woman are a turn off unless she’s a gold digging thot. Get her something that makes sense with a card containing a sentimental message as to why you thought of the gift. 

Moves as strong as this rattle a woman’s world as most men choose not to put in any effort and she will not be used to seeing acts like this. In her head she’ll be thinking “Wow he listens to me” or “He actually cares about me”.

These are the thoughts you need to create in order for her to fall hard for you. The more of these you create the better. Remember to exercise balance in these acts as too many gifts or kind acts will eventually become stale and beta overtime.

Use this technique only when you’ve thought of something interesting and unique.

Most of these acts I will talk about will seem beta but there’s always an alpha variant when it comes to doing these things. 

The hidden Alphaness comes from not overdoing it and making it seem that it’s nothing for you to do acts such as this.It came from the heart, it’s natural to you, part of your essence and play it off like nothing. Never think she owes you and do not become entitled once an act has been completed.

Once you’ve taken note on her interests you can take her to films, exhibitions you know she’d be interested in but not go to because her friends suck, find shows you can put her onto that you can watch together (binging a TV series is very strong) and then become her rock. The fun guy she enjoys spending time around. The guy who listens and does fun things with her because as nonchalant as he is I can see he cares about me via his actions type guy.


The final step is becoming her rock. “CAN YOU SMEELLLALALA…HUH??.GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN”.

Women cry about shit like every fucking day. It’s just the way they’re wired. 

When a babe is upset in your presence you need to pry further and then help her get out of that rut. 

Here’s some advice on how you give advice to women. YOU DON’T. Weigh up the options and present them to her in a case scenario that allows her to make the decision she finds best and let her know the probable outcomes of each situation. For example give her option A, B, C and say if you take option A this could happen but also this whilst with B you could do this and that you get it?. 

Presenting her with options means she doesn’t view you as a father figure which weirdly enough either puts girls off or makes them completely reliant on you and it makes it seems as if you’ve listened because you care.

When she figures out the best option on her own with a slight bit of your help you reassure her that you don’t care about just fucking her but you’re here for her problems as well no matter how small they may be.

You become that guy who wants to see her happy and will make sure of it. After this bond is established a woman will easily fall in love with you. 

At first she won’t be asking much of you but over time she’ll bitch about women at work, gossip with you about girl drama and open up to you much more than a random guy she just met. The first indicator of her catching feelings is hugging you with or without asking you, followed by a “I love you” a few months down the line.

There’s still more to bond building but I’ve covered the most important parts to establishing a basic connection. Any further work will need to be done on your part in order to feel what you need in order to get her to like you more. All this must seem effortless on your half and seem like it’s a natural part of your nature/character. You are the amazing hot guy who will listen to her problems, fuck the life out of her and make sure nothing happens to her. Once you achieve full protector status in her mind your place is solidified for years to come.

Now you’ve read this entire post I have to remind you once again to not use these techniques with thots. They catch feelings faster than they spread their legs so you better listen otherwise you’ll have some chick on your case that will be hard to shift.


I’ll be dropping a book soon which is more of a PDF gatekeeper with posts I cannot afford to just drop on my site. The PDF will be available for £5 but the posts are extremely powerful.

They include:

  • How to get laid online via any app – I show number closes from tinder,FB, Hinge, Twitter, Insta, Badoo and how to secure thots easily.
  • The power of weed – How to get any chick to come over to smoke/fuck
  • Building a Harem – How to build a harem of women, the perfect rotation and how to not fuck them up once you have them running
  • How to secure numbers in the clurb and on road – You guys have been begging me for this 


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