Readers Mailbag

Readers Mailbag

So contrary to popular belief I actually do answer quite a few of your emails but because life calls it takes me time to reply especially when asked the same question numerous times so I’ve decided I’ll make a new post every few weeks or so once the emails pile up and go through the ones I think will benefit you all most.

So lets start. Everyone will be referred to as anon in all these posts for obvious reasons. My answers will be harsh and truthful unlike most guys who teach game.

Anon 1 Says:

email 1

So here we have the concept of overgaming. When someone learns something new they try it as soon as possible without realising where to implement said concepts. This leads to overgaming as we are seeing in this situation.

As we can see anon is already speaking to the girl and has her on snap. The broad sends a pic in underwear unprompted.

Now what we need to do as men is sit back and think about the intention behind every action before responding and act accordingly. Think of the game as chess.

Why would she send a pic of herself in underwear? Answer? Because she’s Horny/Shit testing.

Your reactions from this bait will change what happens next. Not taking the bait is nice is if you’re not trying to fuck or playing the slow game but this leads us back to the question why did she send this?

You have to think what was her intention behind this pic. To show you what she’s working with and judge your reaction.

The worst way would be to compliment and get all googly eyed. You’ll just fall into the category of men who orbit her and will never get a crumb of pussy sent your way.

The best ways yes there are ways to answer this is based upon your previous interactions with her and what your conversations were based on and if if was flirtatious or just a normal conversation.

Once you realise why she might have sent it you can either move tactfully savage and drop a comment such as “I like that top wear it when you come over” from which she will generally reply “Come over” or something along them lines and then you can simply stand your ground and ask what’s her schedule like.

The other option is to move completely savage if you’ve picked up enough information beforehand that allows you to justify these actions. Of course just being a few points above her will also allow you to talk like this and get away with it.

Next one.

Anon 2’s Email:

email 2.png

So I’ve dealt with rude, crazy women before and it’s a nightmare. Whenever you think about the mother of your kids, the one who’s they’re supposed to learn from what traits do you wish for her to have?

Caring, kind, considerate, logical etc. You don’t want a woman who plays Veronica Mars in her spare time, a woman you cannot trust and certainly not one who disrespects you even after you tell her to stop?

Men whenever women exhibit traits of rudeness, detective behaviour or other time taxing shit. There’s too many women that if you elevate yourself to a high enough level will be scared of even losing you. The upper echelon of readers definitely know what I’m on about.

Never take disrespect from a woman because it will never get better, drop her and praise your freedom.

Anon 3 States:

email 3

Whilst a woman having good pics to work with or a decent bio is nice you’ll soon realise only a few women put effort into this shit. In this case I’ll share my strongest openers that work however I will dedicate a new post to tinder game entirely.

The best openers that work for women with nothing are either “How’s it going” or “So what made you swipe right the bio or the pics”.

To be fair you could combine these and get the same effect. The reason these work is because you’re asking the woman to give you something to work with. Most women will say “All is good how about you” and then you can branch off into other questions or simply state that you’re in a good mood because you’re doing XYZ.

The other opener works simply because it puts women on the defensive and lets you know if they’re interested or simply wasting time on the app. To pull this off you’ll need an interesting bio. Mine is simply states I’m a fan of women who love weed as am I and it works because if I know they’re interested in smoking up I can invite them straight over and fuck them or if they say they like my pics I can take them out for drinks.

Extremely strong opener I know. Whatever man I’ll expand upon this topic more for sure because I have too many tricks to share.

Anon 4 goes on to say:

email 4

So this post reminds me of the time I lost the “One” lol. Now you found a babes, she’s the one who you think you will wake up to for the rest of your life, raise your kids and be your compadre fivever. Real life comes along and says “Nah bruh you thought this shit is a fairytale”. The one becomes the ex and you’re left in a worse place than you were before because you tunnel visioned.

Shit happens it’s life and it’s better you experience heartbreak as early as possible as a man because once you learn how to rebuild and what you shouldn’t do it will never happen again.

Now once men get into a relationship with their main forever babes they tend to drop friends, habits and hobbies that made the woman become attracted in the first place.

This comes down to the heartiste maxim that a man should make himself and his needs his priority/mission as women wish to be led.

But it’s life you’re allowed to get lost in the sawce at least once, second time the universe will laugh at you.

What to do next after you’re stranded alone with no hoes to call and no friends to turn too? Start again.

Head to the gym, get a good photographer and find a class where you can socialise and build friendships. Get yourself onto a few dating apps to start up your rotation and utilise the power of some good arse pics.

It’s a slow start but eventually you’ll get there if you stick with it. You just need to trust the process.

Always keep two in the kitty and never allow yourself to be a made man. Though you don’t need to cheat always have women that you have access too in order for this to not happen in the future.

Losing a one in the game is better than losing the one via divorce.

Mozambique Anon 5 Here:

email 5.png

This is a sad sad tale for the simple fact this is a rookie error in the game. When a woman obviously flirts with you hard it’s because she wants to fuck. Escalate, separate and strike whilst the iron is hot.

The easiest women to fuck are ones who have just come out of a relationship. Dems di rules.

When she was making moves in the club that was the que to call the uber, tell her you have some weed or alcohol at yours then fuck.

Playing it slow when the signs are there turn the pussy dry because she thinks you’re a pussy.

When it’s there take it.

The conversation drying up is simply because she’s found a new or already has a toy of interest right now and your opportunity is gone simply because you never acted upon the caveman within.


Next Post.. Strike When The Irons Hot: How to not let opportunities slip you by


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