The current state of the game

The current market is flawed

So I’m back after a years hiatus to delve back into the game after I proceeded to reach the max level I could achieve at that time.
In order to achieve the new level, found a new job that paid more than my old salaries, hit the gym more than ever before and read more books than most have ever picked up in their life.

Whilst in this state of levelling I dipped my fingers in the game some to acquire new techniques that are fresh and unlike any other written out there.
I shall continue to provide the niche service of teaching you guys the ins and out of the game from the views of the 1%.

The current state of the game.

The game is currently a mess and we only have men to blame for the fuckery going on with the market.
Once I came back to the game I immediately went about building my rotation as one usually does but I noticed something new unseen before in the realm of man.
Women way below my tier (I’m a 6 on a bad day) were feeling they had access to me and that they could not respond immediately to my messages as if you’re not talking to the hottest guy in your life.
Something was amiss and I tried to put my finger on it and I then realised what was irking me.

Men out of sheer desperation have increased the market value of women who don’t get spoken to other than by charity workers on the street. With the influx of thirsty men on social media average women who aren’t even the best out of the group have acquired a new level of confidence that was completely new to me.
I soon realised quickly to combat this ego I had to use Heartistes maxim of knowing you are in the upper echelon way above these women and treating yourself as such.
I realised a good majority of these women lived at home, had kids, a 20 hour a week job and were generally boring outside of watching the odd in TV show that contained all their dramatic needs.
As a guy you must have interests and hobbies as first of all this seperates you from the other useless low tier men out there who are just as boring as these women but let’s women see you are devoted to something you care about. Once you establish your lifestyle and make her realise you occupy the tier above the pussy will follow.

The key currently in the game is to know your value or at least fucking pretend you have more value than the woman and by being in her life she’ll be happier for it. There are a lot of lame boring hum drum guys out there and in order to succeed in these dire times of game you need to elevate yourself firstly as a MAN and the rest will follow.

Stop giving money to these twitter and insta-thots please.
New posts to follow.

God Out..

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  1. 100% agree, desperate guys are gassing up clapped things and giving them too much confidence. ANY girl can sign up to tinder and instantly get dozens and dozens of likes within a matter of minutes (I’ve literally seen this happen with female friends). It’s sad really, and all that is to blame is all those thirsty man out there willing to do anything for a drop of pussy. < don't be that guy.


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