Game never dies

It only gets better

So today I met a guy older than me by nearly a decade still killing it in the game. He was 36, 6’3, recently divorced and got back into the gym then started slaying.

I noticed him as he was at the bar next to me swiping away at women on tinder. Eventually he turned to me and said “would you bang this?” I laughed and asked him why she was wearing four layers of make up.

Before I knew it we were sharing tinder stories and game strategies. I helped him with his tinder bio and showed him a few tricks. He taught me that if you use the happn app you can see single chicks in a bar around you if you walk about for abit.

As the conversation went on and he started to fill me in on more game life lessons I shall share here he told me about his life story complete with insta pics of course.

From what he told me he was recently divorced to a wife of ten years, had two kids and let himself fall out of shape. The pictures he showed me on his insta was proof to this. He was fat and looked nothing like the man I was currently seeing who looked like he lived in the gym.

This guy went from a fat loser to a Hugh Jackman look alike who was currently killing it in the game.
His wife moved onto a beta provider who hated Hugh (let’s call him that for now). The guy was rich and gave her everything but once she saw how much her ex improved she was no longer happy in her relationship.

The best way to move on from a woman is “improve yourself” he said to me as he showed me the messages from his ex wife basically hinting she’s bored and wanted something with him again. “When I broke up with her I was a fat loser so I dedicated all my time to gym and getting in shape” I mean I could tell he wasn’t lying.

We continued talking about tinder for abit and he filled me in on an app called happn which can help find chicks near you. The technique was to open the app before you go into a bar or club and all the single girls will pop up. All you have to do is look on your phone, find her pic of her wearing her best dress and then you’ll see her in the club wearing it because women always wanna look their best when they go out.

Cuts the amount of legwork you need to do in half and you don’t waste your time getting rejected. Remember this one lads.

The conversation moved onto life lessons and I asked him if you could give yourself any advice to the younger version of you what would it be. He paused hard and thought for a minute so I knew the answer was gonna be good.

The first thing he said was make sure you’re always prepared and looking your best because you never know. For example you could be going to the shops to grab some milk and bread but make sure you look decent whilst doing so because you never ever know. When he dropped this line I remembered back to all the times I’ve gone to the shops looking like a vagabond only to miss out on a cutey because I’m currently looking hood as fuck.
Jogging bottoms only in the gym he said. The rest of the time you need to make sure you’re on point because some women you’ll only ever see once.

The second lesson was to stop giving a fuck. When you go through life you try to make your parents happy, your friends happy and do things for others because you believe some magical karmic God is gonna reward you for your good behaviour. Fuck all that he said live for you and you only. You come first, you do things to make you happy and only when you are satisfied do you help those and only those close to you. Most people are fucking idiots he told me and I fully understood what he meant.

Once you stop giving a fuck the game becomes easy he goes on. When you stop caring if you’re good enough for a chick or if you should go over and talk to her it becomes easier. It’s all a game and once you stop being cynical /analytical but instead just do whatever the fuck you feel like the game will be so easy it becomes boring. You almost try and see how much shit you get away with and I can fully relate to this line.

He dropped another line but that advise is reserved for myself. One day I’ll share it but for now these important lessons will suffice for all


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