The Art Of Foreplay

Dark arts chapter gazillion and five

The amazing art of foreplay.

Foreplay is a lost art. A failing point known as last minute resistance in the pick-up artist community is when a girl stops you from fucking the life out of her at the very last second but with foreplay you can change a woman’s mind from “I’m not giving him any pussy” to “I reckon this isn’t going to be a waste of a body count”.

Let’s begin

Kissing – Statistic wise it takes a woman 20 minutes to get fully aroused. The first step is kissing. In order to gauge if you can kiss a girl or not you need to read her body language. Has she touched you without you prompting her? Is she comfortable with you touching her? Does she try to fight you back if you initiate a play fight? If she does any of these then you can go for a kiss.

The best way to go for a kiss is to simply to put your index finger under her chin and turn her head towards yours then go in. Even if she doesn’t reciprocate still complete the kiss because this move throws some girls off and believe it or not some women have never been kissed in an alpha style like this. Then go back to doing whatever you were doing before and act like it was nothing.

Going for a kiss like this is a complete fucking power move. A beta world of Warcraft player would never move brave like this and women love displays of male power. Take charge and go for the kiss. Make her follow your lead when kissing and then we can move onto erogenous zone.

Erogenous Zones

So there’s certain points on a woman that get them in the mood more than others. Biting the ear lightly and blowing on it is a weakness of many women and should be done after kissing her. Another power move. You can also throw in a light choke to her neck whilst biting her ear to turn her on further.

After going back and forth between her ear and lips you then move to her neck and start kissing it. The aim is to use your tongue whilst attempting to give her a love bite to turn her on. Kiss the back of your hand with an open mouth then use your tongue to lick your hand. That’s the technique you use on her neck whilst applying pressure with your tongue.

The part that comes after is proper handling of le bossom aka boobies aka breastices. Women are highly sensitive around their nipples. Simply sucking her breasts like a child fresh out the womb will do nothing for her. The actual technique is to lick in a circular motion around the areola and then finish by sucking or biting the nipple lightly. That’s all you have to do over and over again.

So she’s turned on from your kissing act but now she’s stopping you taking off her jeans. Kiss down her stomach line even if you don’t eat pussy and see what she does when you try to unbutton her jeans/take down her bottoms etc. This is the moment girls usually reveal information. Usually it’s “I can’t” meaning it’s red light week or she hasn’t shaved. But if you get no resistance you can either go to eat her or simply use your hands. I’m about to teach you techniques for either.


So in order to learn how to eat pussy or finger women correctly I’m gonna need some pictures ripped from google lol.

So when it comes to eating pussy or even playing with the clit you literally have to focus on just one area. That area is the clit and surprisingly most guys don’t even know where this is.


In order to lick her clit properly you need to pull back the clitoral hood that covers it. After tighten your jaw and make your tongue as stiff as possible. Push your top and bottom lip down whilst your tongue is out and basically make your tongue into a spear. Then after that if you’re new use a circular motion whilst switching it up and moving your tongue from side to side extremely quickly every now and again. It works but also ask her what she likes as communication is key.

Eating correctly is something you learn over time but what we do is combine this technique with another. We locate her gspot and then play with that at the same time.


(Thank you google)

The gspot is located on the front wall of her vagina basically right under the pelvic area. It feels a little rigged like it has grooves and you’ll be able to tell right away when you touch it. The technique is to rub the gspot as if you’re Spiderman shooting a web ball (Reality stone lol) and combining this with licking the clit. Do this correctly and getting her guidance will make her cum.

Making a woman cum before you’ve even fucked her shows knowledge and research of the female body and she is more likely to spread her legs to you if she thinks you’re not going to be a wasted body. After that simply lead her hand down to your dick and make her see what she’s working with then go back to kissing and make her play with it.

Final step

After the whole eating/fingering act all you have to do is talk complete filth to her. Women love dirty talk. Tell her you want her to be a good girl and sit on it or fit the entire thing in her mouth. Be inventive and let her know what’s about to go down. Now I’m not gonna give you sex tips because I mean I’ve done enough but these techniques alone will shut down any last minute resistance you’ll ever run into.

Mastering the dark arts of foreplay will allow to get any girl you want. You must study this (Word to Musashi Miyamoto). Enjoy and God Speed


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