When A Bitch Tries To Make You Jealous

A Masterclass In Frame

So I be chilling as I do and a slick bitch decides to send me a message. It says “Hey” but little do I know it’s not a Hey what are you up too type message. Nope she’s only here to brag about her new boyfriend she’s probably found off tinder that is only tryna hit and quit but doesn’t have the game to do so.

Check the message


If you noticed I never asked her shit. This is simply a woman boasting that she is wanted by someone after being rejected and flaked on multiple times by me. This message is a petty “Haha if you don’t want me someone will” type shit when in reality she had no chance and this is a desperate attempt to make me jealous.

No worries your boy does not falter. I maintained frame and decided to play into her own game of passive aggressiveness the way women do. By learning how women fight you can defeat them at their own petty mind fucky games but to do this you must know how they work and how to maintain frame when they try to provoke you in subtle ways like this. You fight like a woman isn’t an insult in the 21st century honestly. I decided to respond whilst playing her own game


(Can you feel the burn in that smiley lol tasty right)

By me saying “Ayye congrats” it seems like I am genuinely happy for her when in actuality I don’t give a flying fuck. I press on and hit her with the killer neg/disqualifying line “I managed to find a cutey who ticks all my boxes”. This girl spoke to me for a while and never managed to get anything out of me other than a kiss on the cheek goodbye.

The fact I’m expressing happiness for her and then saying I found a girl who is better than you hence why I’m happy which makes you unworthy means the guy who is with her currently isn’t even on my level and neither is she all masked in a message looking like a caring friend who is happy for the other.

Had I played into her little games and mentioned the fact she only just sent me nudes two days prior and asked me to come over to her house to smash the week before which I decided to flake on it would have achieved nothing. I would have got into a back and forth squabble with her wasting my time proving nothing.

The neg I hit her with “Ticks all the boxes” will have her thinking why didn’t she qualify for the wifey position even though she had ample time in my presence. Negs do not disappear they simply fade and even though she’s with her current partner she will have doubts about leaving him soon into the relationship because she believes that she is settling.

Give it a month or two three tops and I guarantee you she hits up my line again and I’ll update this post. Remember to maintain frame and do not let these bitches rattle you. We’re men and men know the only way to defeat your enemy is to think like them word to Sun Tzu. Learn to play the games women play and defeat them at their own games.

Anyways it turns out the reader mail bag has been popping off more than I thought it would. I’ll be doing a post on the answered questions with abit more insight sometime this week (When I can be bothered). Keep a look out. Enjoy and God Speed


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