Dealing with Negative chicks

Dealing with depressed/negative emo chicks is the real title lol.

Now in your game career you’re gonna run into chicks that are just negative about everything in life but fire as fuck and they’re pretty long to deal with.

Depressed negative pessimistic chicks are extremely long to deal with if you’re an inexperienced guy. They will suck into their world with their problems no matter how minimal and guess what instead of smashing you’re listening to her problems. You have failed my friend.

With chicks like this you need to avoid being dragged into their world by being purposely bland and nonchalant. When she messages you about her problems don’t feed into it and give her vague answers. Women tend to find men who advise them non attractive due to multiple reasons some being they will view you more as a strong family figure than a lover. You don’t need to advise them or try to put in effort just listen. Remember you’re not her Dad, she has family if she really needs a shoulder. You have problems of your own.

The best thing to do with these type of chicks to be quite mean is to smash once or twice then get out of there because eventually she’s gonna start relying on you to deal with her problems and life’s too short for that. These chicks tend to get easily attached and will want to meet multiple times a week from really early on as if she doesn’t have a life. You’ve become her escapism and I know you’re all having Naruto style black and white flashbacks about a chick you’ve dealt with like this. Happens we’ve all been there.

Lemme give you guys an example from this chick I haven’t banged yet (“What a live example? Omg you spoil us”). This girl is always complaining about the world being against her etc but I don’t care about any of that I’m only tryna smash so I keep it completely sexual when talking to her as well as talking to her as if I’m in high spirit.

Check this

As you notice her WhatsApp avi is blank (it’s was blacked out before) because she’s in a bad mood and if I cared I would have been suckered in but I don’t. If you notice, I go right into a voice note where I ask her if I could see her tattoo and showed genuine interest after her shitty response of “nm you good?”. Boom she bites and I no longer have to deal with shitty mood chick I have unlocked the inner whore just by not asking her too much about things I’m not interested in.


I continue my conversation in high spirits and even though her response is that emo line “Not much just here” she quickly switches it up when she realises this isn’t the tone of the conversation and decides to drop me a random bit of information. If you notice I take the info and I run with it asking her how she handles it to provoke a dirt response out of her.


Again her boring emo ass tries to kill the tone of the conversation. I mean I could have ended it there but where is the fun in that. I tease her and now she reveals another interesting bit of information. No woman doesn’t have sex for two months issa lie. I don’t feed into the lies but I play along with them because now she’s brought up the topic of sex. Golden rule for guys. If a chick mentions sex in a conversation that you haven’t prompted she is thinking about fucking you. I read this years ago on Heartistes page and never believed it but yeah it’s real you’ll get it eventually.


Notice here I still tease her. I move like a guy with options because I have options. I can afford to tease her right here because I have other chicks I can call. This even at this late stage is still beta bait. Remember I haven’t fucked this girl yet I’m trying too. This act of talking about sex doesn’t excite me like it does most guys who would have cracked, messaged her filth and probably never hit whilst she teases him for eternity.

Capture+_2017-11-13-11-14-21 (1)

Booooommm. There you have it. Finally realising I’m not falling for the beta bait she cracks and lets me know what she wants. I didn’t give into the emo attention seeking blacked out whatsapp avi and emotional status updates. I don’t care because she needs to view me as an sexual object not a figure she can rely on.


Now the conversation has taken a complete turn and now she’s talking complete dirt because I set the frame early on in the conversation. You lead the conversation and get her to comply not the other way around. Study the way I got her whore demon out of her and learn to talk to that side of her only. Even this late into the convo I still keep frame and tease her. The pussy isn’t confirmed until you’ve already pulled out lol.


Stretches If you knew how fire she was you would eat your hat but I can’t show you because this world is fickle and I’m not tryna get into shit for teaching guys.


I mean once you get to know a chick more and if you actually care about her then you should listen to her problems and help her but it’s really not everyday good samaritan sometimes care about your own mental health and well being. Other people’s drama does affect you and some people live to make other people’s problems their own. Don’t get caught up guys. Control the frame of the conversation from the get go so you’re not stuck listening to some bitches problems for most of your day whilst not getting any trim for it.


Enjoy and God speed.


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