How to get better quality tinder matches

So with tinder gold out its finally time to release this post. In this post I’ll be teaching you how tinder works and you can unlock the higher elo chicks of tinder and actually enjoy swiping rather than the trash you usually see.

So first things first you’re gonna need a new Facebook with no attachment to your previous. No matter how many times you delete tinder your elo will be tied to it and you’ll forever see the same chicks.

Tinder sorts all their users into categories based upon how desirable they are. Gone are the good old days of auto swiping and coming back an hour later to find 100+ matches you’ll just get soft banned and be told to wait until you’re allowed to swipe again 12 hours later unless you use boost.

The way to boost your elo score is to show tinder you’re a hotty so you get shown hotties.

Firstly follow the instructions in my other tinder post about to get more matches. Have sick pics and a disqualifier bio (note I might add another post about this due to demand).

What you do next decides what elo you end up into. Tinder gives you a newbie boost when you make a new account which allows you to be seen by everyone. Which means in this time you need only top tier chicks to swipe on you. Achieve this by using boost and not swiping then use tinder gold to only match with the chicks you know are the best looking.

Make sure you talk to them etc as tinder also takes into account if you’re talking to your matches or not.

For the first two days you need to use boost sporadically and only swipe on the hotties until your elo score settles. After that you can play normally as you’ll mostly be seeing hotties with only a few uggos. You’ll be more inclined to talk to your matches and actually run decent game.

Tinder also gives newbie boosts when you’re in a new country and also lowers your elo if you don’t swipe so if your score ever drops just change location to somewhere you know you’ll kill it then passport back and keep your elo high.

When playing normally remember that twitter limits the amount of decks you can be shown to in one day I think it used to be 120? (Don’t quote me). So swiping on chicks you only want to fuck counts more than ever.

A small trick for guys who don’t wanna buy tinder gold but want to see matches before they get them is to do this.

When you’re swiping set your miles to your preferred distance then set it to 1 mile before you close the app. When you log back in any chick over a mile swiped on you first.

Anything else noteworthy I’ll be sure to add to this post.


Higher Elo tinder is something truly special honestly you’ll never consider even getting a girlfriend lmfao.

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