Ethnic Girls Only Tinder Project

So every now and again I like to test the limits of my abilities and prove my friends wrong when they chat shit.

A friend said to me it’s impossible to build a rotation from tinder if you’re not into white women. So I’ve taken it upon myself to try and get as many matches as possible using the same disqualifer bio I usually do, same pics with the exception that this time around I’m only allowed to swipe on women that are black/Asian/other. This experiment will also check other things for example are ethnic women going after black men etc.

The rules are

  • No fat girls
  • No chicks below a 5. Average face will do for a match
  • I’ll talk to each girl the same and will run the same standard game for each
  • No super long distances
  • No familiar faces. Familiarity breeds comfort. A chick is more likely to let you smash if she knows you aren’t some weirdo creep rapist.
  • I’ll be buying boosts to assist me. I could easily get all the matches over a longer space of time but with the way tinder works even model level guys have it hard getting matches. The app is pay to win and if I have to fork out £12.50 for a boost package which cuts out most of the leg work I’ll take it.
  • I’ll be using one boost a day and I’ll record the amount of matches gained from each boost so you guys can learn what times are best



tinder 3

Used a boost at 1am and picked up 4 matches before tinder told me I reached my limit. Ran game as standard and two have replied. We’ll see what happens. I’ll try push for the number asap and push towards smashing which I may or may not do based upon other factors. I didn’t know tinder had swipe limits. I checked reddit and they said it stops when the boost is used so I’ll try it tomorrow morning.

Ran another boost for the entire duration and using one removes your swipe limit for the day but it returns when it ends.

Second boost has shown me not to swipe early in the morning as no chicks seem to be using it and I only picked up two matches.

If you don’t like white girls tinder is hard mode right now. It’s not even the fact there’s no ethic girls on here it’s the fact if they are they’re the low tier left overs no one wants. The decent looking chicks have probably never touched this app from what I’m seeing.

The other factor is the sea of white girls which is currently at a 7:1 white/ethnic ratio. I didn’t realise there was so many Lmao.

I’ll probably run this for a week or two but it’s looking poor. I’ll run another boost sometime tomorrow and see what happens.

tinder 2

Day 5

Smashed the first chick I matched on tinder.

Dropped her my number on tinder so if she hits me up it’s a guaranteed smash. When chicks hit you up for any reason other than if you’re currently her emotional sponge she wants to smash. Giving a girl your number cuts out the hard part and shows investment on her end meaning you won’t need to chase her. Most guys take chicks numbers and wonder why they didn’t hit and its because she wasn’t invested. Let chicks do some of the work bruh.

Once she hit me up and asked to come to mines after 8pm I knew it was gonna hit. Chicks don’t come to your house late unless you’re a bf, extremely close friends or they want dick. I used the techniques in my zero date bang article and boom. Less than a fucking week and I put in no work. None fucking none.

She’s was a Somalian/Eritrean mix about 5’10 with a slim body, no tits, but big arse combo.

tinder 1

Stop making excuses and get your pics done, set your bio up properly and you’ll kill it. Me and you we’re the same it’s possible you just need to dig deep stop making excuses like a pussy and it will happen.

When you stop being a pussy you get pussy remember that.










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