I’m not lame you’re lame


A masterclass in frame


So one of the main most important aspects of game is frame. If there’s anything that brings in the bitches more than any aspect of game it’s frame. Frame is the undying belief that you are the shit and no one else on this planet comes close to your level of greatness. Celebs are not above you, your pastor isn’t above you, your boss is just another human being who breathes that just grinded to get to that position. No one is greater than you.

You kinda getting what frame means now? It means you’re the main character in your game and everyone else is npc or side characters. How does this help with game? Because women love men with an undying belief in themselves.

Maxim #7: Your girl will thank you for your steadfast devotion to your belief in yourself.

Now if you know me personally you know I’m a nerdy guy. I love my Anime and gaming just like the next man but you know what it’s never stopped me attaining any woman I want. Do you know why? Because I view women who don’t want to expand their knowledge and explore any other cultures lame. If a chick watches hollyoaks/ love and hiphop they have no grounds to tell you that what you’re interested in is boring because the truth is she’s just fucking lame and you’re better off not forcing it with a chick so basic.

You make the rules. Chicks appease to you and if they don’t you keep it to stepping because you’re not lame she’s lame. Once you control this frame you’ll be able to talk about things you’re interested in without feeling any sort of way because if anything she’ll be into what you’re talking about. You won’t have to force a conversation because all your conversations will be about things you find interesting and when a man talks about his passions it makes for a much better convo than when you’re constantly trying to find a common ground subject to talk about. How do you think there’s guys out there who watch entire Anime series with their girlfriends or have her in the background whilst he’s doing a play through of story mode or even better getting her to play with you? It’s because of frame. You pull her into your world and not the other way around.

Your life is so interesting and fun that whatever you’re into she’ll eventually become into as well. Whatever music you listen to will become one of the genres she introduces the guy she’s fucking after you to Lmao and all your jokes will be stolen and told to everyone making everyone think she’s funny when it’s actually you. But this all starts with frame.

If there’s anything I want you guys to take away from this entire blog its not all the different bars you can spit, what pics to use on tinder or random techniques you can employ it’s this. The mindset behind the most elite men. You do the judging. You are God of your own domain.

Master the art of frame.


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