The art of the extended rotation

The art of the extended rotation

This post is for the experienced junglars out there. The Rengars of our society. It’s about how to keep chicks in semi rotation let me explain.

So in your life there’s gonna be women you get with that you clicked with, got on fine whatever but it just didn’t happen there was no relationship formed. You eventually drifted apart but kept in contact and still fuck every now and again when she breaks up with her new bf. That is the extended rotation.

The extended rotation is your pick of women who are still out there in the jungle just like you who you can fuck whenever they’re single which is more often than not whilst she’s still out there going on dates and shit. Ever been on a date and everything goes perfect but she’s not letting you fuck? That’s because the guy in her extended rotation already fucked her recently so she doesn’t need to put out easily because she’s still getting laid.


The women in your extended rotation are gonna be hard as nails as in they’re ruthless with every guy and you’ll forever need to maintain your nonchalant playful arsehole frame that they love so much. The second you’re soft with them they’ll want a relationship or they’ll be gone. Most guys in the field will be reading this post and it will make no sense to them. It isn’t for you but one day you’ll get to this level.


To maintain your extended rotation you’ll need to let these girls know you’re also not ever available because you’ve been too hurt from a previous relationship so you’re staying single. You let them know if you’re seeing a chick and you keep it real with them just like you would your guy friends. They become female friends you can be real with but occasionally fuck it’s amazing.

The extended rotation is just another one of those things I’ve picked up that I had to speak to my boys about to get a grasp on how it works. Maintaining it isn’t hard as these women will only ever bother you with small talk when they want dick or company just remember you can never drop your frame around them and enjoy.


Tl:Dr Start seeing a chick and when it doesn’t work out don’t immediately ditch her but befriend her and fuck her sporadically whilst maintaining frame and relationship status. You won’t get to this level for ages but when you do this is how you do it.


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