Reverse Last Minute Resistance

There’s going to be an influx of high level tech but I believe my readers are more suiting of this stuff rather than how do I get a girl to hold my hand.

This technique only works if you have a rotation and the pussy won’t be missed. What you do is create an allure to women that your dick is sacred and only valued women are allowed to sit upon it and guess what happens? She throws it at you.

Let me explain. A while back in the game I went on a date with a chick, went back to hers but before I went I said I can’t stay for long because I have work in the morning (makes you look committed and less likely to trigger he wants sex warning signs). When we got to hers I did nothing except chill and talk to her before I left which then and only then I initiated an intense make out session. I pulled away and told her I’ve got work in the morning and she said it’s ok just leave early in the morning. The deal was sealed. It really is that fucking easy sometimes just don’t play into their cards but set your own.

You can also use this technique if she gives you last minute resistance before sex as well. Whenever she tells you to stop because she doesn’t feel ready you simply agree and follow up with “As much as I want this I don’t enjoy sleeping with someone if I don’t know where’s going to lead because I’m not a fan of sleeping about”. What this does is put the hamster to rest and the idea you’re a guy who fucks lots of women and sleeps out of her head meaning you’re more likely to smash. Don’t abuse this technique with women you have no intention of putting into your rotation though you have been warned.

As you expect this is a high level move and can only be used when you’re getting pussy regularly enough to not give a shit if she actually lets you go home. It gives the image that you’re not an easy guy and as Heartiste maxims say “never make it easy for a woman”. Women like a challenge. They don’t like what doesn’t seem exclusive or something that everyone has. That’s why they don’t actually tell anyone where they buy their stuff.

Become that exclusive snack only attainable by a few mouths and your attitude will also change with it. When you unlock the power of making a woman want you more than you want her before you’ve even had sex you’ll never go back to chasing pussy again.


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