How to get away with cheating


So this is going to be a dark triad post aimed at guys with a darker disposition. Eventually in the game something will happen and it’s that you’ll eventually find a girl that you think is the one or has amazing traits which makes you think that she’s more than a girlfriend.


But what happens is sometimes as men we see a fine ass bitch even when you’re with a chick and think “well damn that’s a phat ass”. Sometimes you want candy with your lunch and sometimes your man snake just needs a new victim. Men were born to chase women and leave their seed in them and then take care of their offspring but with the invention of contraception you can ignore the after effects of a kid and just live your movie.

The difference between having a rotation and having an affair is that if you get the consequences are worse because you have an invested woman who will break if she dares find out the truth but if you’re OK with that and this chick you have in mind is so fire that you gotta sample before you die then I get it. I’ve tried the whole Cheating thing and whilst it’s fun it actually becomes long having invested women on your case and you’ll find much more enjoyment in having no one to report to at the end of the day.

So let’s get this shit popping.

Don’t tell anyone

Most guys can’t help telling everyone that they’ve banged the 8/10 and whilst people will commend you on your amazing feat remember not everyone is your friend and someone people live to see others downfall especially if they’re not living the movie and their life is shit. Most guys get caught because too many people know and all it takes is one loose end from a friend who has hidden feelings for your babes and you’re done for. Shut the fuck up and I guarantee you’ll get further. If anything save the story for a rainy day when the whole thing is over.


No access to your electronics

Your phone and laptop are your own and she will be allowed no access to either. You will make her a guest account on your laptop and anything shown to her on your phone will be with your assistance. Set these guidelines in from early and don’t break them because once you let her have access to these once then you’re gonna lose them. All girl’s names in your phone are changed to male names and you delete all call records and messages from your side pieces. You download vault app or an app that can hide all the nudes you receive and maybe even texts from certain numbers. Never use whatsapp with your sides and keep a master password on your browser with no autosign in on any websites.


Set guidelines

No calls after 10pm, no turning up to your house without an invite, no turning up to your workplace without an invite etc. This is needed to keep your side chicks in check. This also applies to mains but more to your sides to keep them in line so you end up with no nasty surprises anywhere. I had a friend who was going out with a chick he worked with and his side turned up because she knew where he worked. I’ve had a girl randomly knock for me whilst I had another girl in my bed and talked myself out the situation so well I’m convinced I could sell rice to the Chinese. The thing is you don’t want to be in that situation so set guidelines from early on.


Be secretive

Your sides do not know where you work or what you do. More time they shouldn’t know your real name but if you can don’t tell them your second name because it should never get that deep anyways and you don’t want a random facebook add or chick tracking you down once you’ve fucked them over. Become just another cock she hops on during her spiral of self destruction. Women are fucking evil when they’re mad like it’s where they shine you don’t want this.


Memorise everything

Learn your girls schedule inside out, where she works, what time she finishes, where her and her friends hang out everything. This information will serve its purpose later on down the line when you’re not getting stabbed the shit out of because you’ve failed to plan ahead.


Treat them differently

Your main squeeze has that title for a reason treat her as such. If you do something with a side piece you will also do that thing with your main so you don’t slip up but the majority of your money/time gets spent on your main chick. Main squeeze gets taken out for valentines whilst sides do not. Sides get taken to hotels for a quick session whilst your main gets to sleep in your bed for the night. I think you’re getting the point. If you bareback your main you use condoms with every other chick dems de rules. Pet names are an exception to this rule though as calling all chicks the same pet name e.g Honey or Baby will keep you from slipping up.


Bang your sides at their place

See above also allows you to drop them easier seeming they don’t have a way to hunt you down. If you don’t adhere to this rule, then do a “feds did a sweep” of your room looking for loose hairs (women with long hair shed like bitches dogs during summer) and other stuff they might leave. Women will leave hairbands, underwear and all sorts of clues on purpose for other women to find. It’s like primal territory marking so women do this instinctively. If you do get caught with any chick shit just say it belongs to a female friend or have an excuse ready.



“If you tell the truth you don’t have anything to remember” – Mark Twain. Now the real truth is if a lie is parallel to the truth then it is easier to remember. Plan your days and stories accordingly so that when asked about them you can recall because it ran parallel to the truth. “Where were you at this date at this time” “I was cracking open a cold one with the boys” Now the truth is you did have a drink earlier with the boys and did indeed crack open a cold one but she doesn’t know that you dipped out early to get some action off your side.


Pick a friend who she is going to hate

Your friend is going to be the reason you came home late, the reason you’re out, the reason ok you get it. The friend doesn’t even need to be real but if he is it’s best if he’s not actually friends with your gf as that could leave him a loose end unless he knows that you’re cheating. If you’re close to your boy, then let him know that you’re using him as a tool for evil but still don’t allow this friend to get close to her.


Don’t let the guilt change you

I’ve seen this one too many times where a guy cheats and then starts treating his main way better because he feels bad. Women aren’t stupid and even though she won’t know you cheated she’ll know something is off and you’ll trigger her to pry more. Don’t give her shit to work with.



If you do eventually get caught you can either deny it and maintain frame calling out her accusations until she eventually gives up or you’ll end up playing into her frame where she will make it seem like you’ve done the worst thing in the world to her which I mean you have but now you’re being lectured for it.

The honest route also works but you’ll kill her ego and self-confidence which she will get back from cheating on you lol. You can tell her everything but there’s no benefit to it other than a clean heart.

Regardless I’m not here to judge just advise. Enjoy


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