How to convince a woman into getting an Abortion

Now this is going to be a dark triad post only meant for men who have managed to disregard what is left of their humanity and become cold as ice inside. Ice king if you will.

ice king.gif

There will be a time in a guy’s life where you’ll decide to fuck one of these women without protection not realising that some women are genuinely stupid beyond belief that could land you in a situation with a kid. Most guys have a general idea of the traits we want in the mother of our child. Caring, nurturing, kind etc. The bad Bitches we love usually have none of these traits and this is where guys keep fucking up.

There will be a moment in your darkest hour where you’ll be re-reading every single letter I type in this post because it will be your lifeline and you’ll either remain a free man at a dark cost or live a life of servitude with a bad bitch you know will make a terrible mother who will probably leave your kid home alone whilst she goes out raving.

First things first so you’ve slept with this bad b who dragged you inside her with no condom on thinking if she’s letting me bareback she must be on contraception a common misconception that usually lands guys in this mess. Always ask are you on the pill it takes like two seconds before you put it in to ask her this and will save you more time. If you fail this step you can still save yourself by asking her to get a morning after pill and then if all that fails then keep reading this post.


The first thing you need to remember when a girl learns she is pregnant is YOU DO NOT MATTER #ArseholesLivesDontMatter. The only thing she cares about and is going to think about is her kid so you’ll need to stop thinking anything you say to her means anything. One thing you should have done early was figure out if she wanted kids or not.

Most guys can generally figure out what chicks to bareback. If she’s a girl who studied level 2 btec child care in college then she’s probably going to want to keep the kid. If she’s a law graduate with a prosperous career ahead of her then she will probably not keep it. Regardless you’re here so what comes next. What does she want to do? You’re not allowed to make any input at this point and make her realise the decision is hers to make. You will be silent and say to her “being a guy in this society I don’t really have much say in what you choose to do in this situation”. It will save your arse later.

The next step after she’s been emotional is her decision. A woman knows right away if she wants to keep the kid or not but she has to go through the motions of crying etc to not look like a heartless bitch. They think like us mate imagine we got pregnant by a trashy looking chick who had no prospects and were forced to look after that kid for years? They think like us in the same aspect and already decide either nope this guy is not dad material or maybe this could work.

Now her decision and your actions. If she decides to get rid of it then don’t suddenly rejoice because it could backfire if you trigger her. You don’t want to do anything to piss her off in this hormonal state. Your eagerness to get rid of it could sway her mind to keep it. Shut the fuck up and only jump for joy when everything is done. What you do want to do is pretend you’re hella sad and this is extremely hard for you and you will be there to support her because you know this is the best for both of you. Put up with her crying and anger towards you which will eventually turn into complete resentment then go about your life having learned your lesson.


Now the other scenario is if she decides to keep it. In this route everything you say must be picked carefully. Think about every which way something you say can be interpreted and think very hard before anything leaves your mouth because one slip could ruin your life.

Back to my point of its no longer about you remember that? Yeah it’s not about you. Don’t bother telling her about your career you’ll have to give up, the fact you can’t support it, the fact you’ve only just found a decent paying job and understand nothing you say matters.

What you have to do is talk to her about her options and make her realise herself its a mistake. Pretend it’s because you care about her and you don’t want her life ruined by this mistake. Ask about her long term prospects and where a child would fit into them, can she afford it, would her family back the cause, would she feel this child would have the future she would want it to and start asking her questions that will pick apart her mind before she sleeps at night. You need to make her realise in the subtlest way possible that you’re not ready and neither is she. For good measure tell her you’re going on a work business thing in another country for abit and you won’t even be there for the kid etc.

Now this post is more geared towards one night stands and loose links not girlfriends of years because that’s a whole different sit down and talk on a deep level thing. This is just me trying to help you out on the broad you fucked up on. Anyways back to it after you let her know both of you aren’t ready and letting her know you won’t be about you also need to let her know your family is religious and would be disappointed in your etc of course this doesn’t mean much to her but will remove any hope of her thinking you could make it work because your families will be there.

At this point she will either decide against it in which you simply don’t change your stance on and let her know what you think or she will decide to do it.

When she books the appointment please understand you must follow her there for emotional support and making sure she doesn’t change her mind last minute. I’ve known girls to become an emotional wreck at the clinic and back out last minute due to fear etc. Hug her, kiss her forehead and do as you need to leading up to the moment. You need to make her know this hurts you as well and then now you can rejoice or be sad whatever.

Now the technical part is the consequences and after effects. Unless you’re married she’s going to hate you. The bad guy is you because made her get rid of this life inside her. You have two options and those are cut her off or be there for her emotionally but that choice is down to how bad you feel after and how much you’re into her. Nothing will be the same after though and she’ll always hold this over you. Get over it this is the dark path you chose.


You’ll find yourself reading this post in your darkest hour and realise everything I say come to fruition. You’ll find a new love for your freedom you didn’t realise existed and then turn off your ad blocker out of respect for me.


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