The Power Of Weed






Chill, bun and beat. CBB. Like the cartoon channel this is one of the many secrets handed down to us men by Lord Barebakkus himself. One of my friends noticed that when I secure chicks there’s always a formula I use to escape the boring first date in a bar and it’s CBB.

If you don’t smoke weed, then you need to start because first of all it’s amazing and second of all it’s a crucial addition to your tools you can use in regards to game. Artsy, hipster, creative type chicks are some of the easiest and best looking pussy you’ll ever get in your life. The girls in this category are all sexually liberated and give no fucks about fucking on the first date or any normal western pretences and therefore are amazing to have on your team.

In your everyday conversations with women you need to slide in the fact that you’re a weed smoker and figure out the chicks who are. Include it in your bio on tinder or insta and just let people know what you’re about. The step after this is utilising the fact stoner artsy chicks (The slim fire emoji ones you see at festivals) are more likely to come chill in a park with some ciders and a spliff or at your house rather than get a drink in a bar and do pretend convo until you end up fucking a few hours later.

Now if you’re a weed noob here’s the basics.

There’s two types of strains Indica and Sativa. Indica puts you to bed (Amnesia etc) whilst Sativa uplifts you. Avoid buying Indica strains unless you want the chick to pass out in your bed.

Weed is cheap.

28 grams is an ounce aka a Z or OZ. This is usually about £200-240 depending on the strain you want to buy etc.

14g is a half which is about £120 but you’ll never really need this amount of weed unless you’re a dedicated stoner.

7g is a Q/quarter and is around £60. This is your best bet at the payday. Buy one of these and put it down for when chicks come over.

3.5 is £30 and is your next best bet and generally does the trick and will last you about a week or two.

1.4-1.8g is £20 and if you’re in London reading this tell your dealer you want a scores/20bag they’ll understand.

0.8 is a benz but no dealer is delivering that as it costs £10 you broke fuck.


Once you have the weed you either need to learn to roll or buy a vape. YouTube taught me how to do it as well as watching friends and if that fails just tell her your suck at rolling and hope she knows how to. Atmos Jump is about £50 and works. Gets you high as fuck and you don’t need to roll ever but nothing beats a spliff with a chick.

The reason weed works so well is because once you start smoking with her there are usually no distractions. Find a nice park or somewhere quiet then spark it up and make sure to put your phone away and then just converse with her normally. Weed removes anxiety and she’ll feel more comfortable opening up to you about things no one would talk about in a bar. You also can use this time to pick apart her mind and figure out what type of girl she is. Does she want kids, is she still hung up on an ex and you might even find out she’s just here for free weed but at least you know and you’re not stuck in a bar having spent £40+. At least with weed you’ll never really get through more than two spliffs with a chick so depending on how much weed you buy you’re saving money.

Smoking a zoot/spliff with a chick is way cheaper than going to a bar as well. Drinks cost about £7-10 outside happy hour and a couple drinks with a chick even if she pays for a round could set you back after you pay for like two rounds. You’ll get a lot more mileage out of a bag of weed and a couple ciders picking her mind apart trying to get to know her more.

Utilise this knowledge and start inviting chicks to come around and just smoke or invite them to the park. It works and I wouldn’t be writing about it if it didn’t so go buy some weed now and fuck bitches.


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