Chicken shop theory 

The chicken connoisseur

So everyday a chicken and chip shop called Morleys opens for business at 12pm everyday. They make south London what it is and people come from all over just to try the chicken and burgers they provide (you can add any fast food take away it doesn’t matter). Now this chicken shop Is like no other they have two types of chicken burgers available for the customers. They have the caged chickens made into burgers called a chicken steak burger which is readily available and friendly to your pockets but they also have the chicken supreme burger which is made from free range chickens but costs way more even though you get a better bang for your buck.

The chicken steak burger loves it popularity. All the guys love it and even recommend it to their friends telling them how amazing it is. Every customer that comes in always goes for the chicken steak and for that reason the steak used to laugh at the supreme and say stuff like “You’re unpopular hahaha fuck you bitch I be at all the house parties turning the fuck up don’t hate me because you ain’t me”. Now the supreme burger isn’t fussed because the chicken steak burger doesn’t realise that even though less men buy the supreme it costs like £10 more for the burger. The chicken steak finds out about this and flips the fuck out. “why these mother fuckers be paying more for this shit, we are the exact same, we’re both chicken aren’t we?”. Bossman behind the counter explains to the steak burger that even though you guys are the same because you’re both from the same animal the steak is cheaper because it’s a less superior piece of meat pumped full of fillers and random bs to make it look appealing.

Furious the chicken steak burger complains to the head office of Morleys and demands to be put at the same price as the supreme burger. “I’m every bit the same as the supreme it says no matter how many guys hands I’ve been through” the board tries to explain that men pay more for the supreme because its better value for money but the steak is having none of it and using the power of burgism gets the prices changed and is now the same price.

We get back to the chip shop and the story has changed. Instead of buying the steak burger everyone has decided to stick with the supreme. “What the fuck you dickheads can’t you see I’m the same price” the steak shouts and laughter ensues. A couple beta guys caved in and got bumped for their money but any gut worth their points in Alpha told the steak to fuck off.

The streak burger tried to do everything to look like the supreme. It got filler work done, used the same garnishes and made itself to look like the supreme but only the foolish men were tricked and the rest feasted on supreme burgers all night. 
The steak burger after being purchased by no one ended up getting thrown out and had to live with cats for company as no one else could stand listening to how much attention it used to get. It overvalued itself and ended up lonely as a result. 

In this day and age cum receptacle sex positive probably gonna get buried in a Y shaped coffin because I’ve taken so much dick in my life what’s this white stuff that comes out my mouth every time I cough feminist demand to be treated the same as supremes who are chicks with homely values that you would love to take home to mum. 

Beta guys I hate to use the word but stop over valuing chicks because you’re a piece of shit trying to get a nut you’re fucking up the market for the rest of us. Chicks who have a season pass on the cock carousel are demanding to be taken to the shard, on holiday and comparing themselves to your ex who you were willing to put a ring on if you weren’t married to the  game. 

Women if you’ve been a career bad girl and take so much dick in a week that your pussy stays wetter than a spastics chin don’t worry because there will always be some loser who try smoke and mirrors may work on but understand that men with experience know women with experience. We’re not stupid enough to put a ring on your finger or fuck up the economy or pay supreme prices for steak when we know there’s a fresher cheaper supreme out there just waiting. If you think a guy isn’t treating you like you deserve then he’s probably an Alpha and understands the economy. 

Alphas continue to enjoy steak burgers and take care of your supremes because they are more valued for a reason. Unlike women men don’t expire as our worth isn’t connected to our beauty but instead our wallets and power. 

Remember guys women control access to but men control access to commitment which is what women really and truly want so always remember the power is I your hands. 

Whilst a beta can mimic Alpha traits to get pussy and steak burgers can mimic supremes in order to secure a husband the Alpha knows the game fully and plays these parties against each other to his own avail.. 


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