The argument winning line 

Today I silenced a woman with a line so powerful it can only be used once in a blue moon.
I was arguing with a chick I was seeing in my rotation and she had the upper hand hitting me with a checkmate at every turn. Before I left the house full well knowing the argument would have continued over whatsapp I dropped this line “If I leave this house right now and something bad happens to me what would your last words to me be” she actually shut the fuck up. 
The reason this line works is because it controls the frame and makes her immediately realise your value. If she really lost you then how would she feel knowing that her last moments towards you are being a stupid bitch arguing over shit that doesn’t affect the cosmos in the slightest. When you downplay the argument in such a way to make it seem childish and pointless women will listen.

Use sparingly. 


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