The end game of game 

The Dark truth 

The problems at the top simply change. Instead of finding a girl who will text back you’ll be looking for a girl who will even keep you entertained enough to reply. Instead of looking for a good girl you’ll start to want a good girl with a personality that isn’t boring as shit. My point is the problems you face at low levels of game when you’re first getting your foot in the door will change over time once you become better but it doesn’t end. When you start discovering the dark truths about women (they always tell you hoeish shit they’ve done right before you get with them) you’ll never look at them the same. It no longer becomes about you trying to get your dick wet by whatever means it becomes you wanting more than just a generic hole with default personality B attached to it. Then add to that most women won’t pass your boner test and seducing women will become a routine you could follow with your eyes closed you’ll realise game is amazing but it isn’t the be all and end all. Once you’ve reached high levels of game you’ll start to see the same very things I’m complaining about.

Best way to compare game is to an mmorpg. When you’re lvl15 all you care about is levelling and killing enemies (fucking Bitches) but when you reach level cap you’ll no longer care about slaying tons of enemies. The real end game is min maxing which is increasing your parameters as much as possible in order to slay the end game bosses with the rarest gear (Working on yourself and fucking the finest Bitches). 

Random fleeting thoughts on the art of game 


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