No date bangs 


Today lads we’re going to learn the no dates bang method which I have perfected over the years. No we all know dates are expensive and time consuming . Two double rum and cokes followed by a few shots will set you back £30 easy which whilst seems like nothing till it picks up over time and eventually kill your pockets.

This is the no date bangs method and the recipe goes like this:

One house either an apartment that isn’t shared with your mum or any family members 

A wide screen TV with Netflix available to watch as well as YouTube. You need both for this to work.

A speaker system that supports Bluetooth connection and is at least 100 watts 

Money for food or for food preparation.

Drugs. Bitches love drugs you heard it from the man himself. Find her poison and have it on deck. Buy your weed, your noz, your coke, ket, alcohol or whatever else chicks love. It’s best to have all these on deck.

Now here’s the plan. Get your own space and prep it with interesting shit you’re into. If you’re at uni? Have the stuff you study on show. I have crystal books for the spiritual hipster chicks I love and martial arts books because its my hobby. Psychologists can determine a lot from the state of your room because it says a lot about you. Keep that shit clean and interesting. My props include a samurai sword, my mma gear, crystals, ornaments I’ve collected and just things I find interesting which girls can ask me about.

Once you’ve made your room interesting the next step is to position everything in a way where everything is in view as when she starts to show interest in your room she will already be yours because she’s trying to get know more about you so keep your room interesting as fuck. Random mid post story. I have a friend who is really into Anime and stuff. He has those mouse pads with the boobies, hunter x hunter and dragon ball figures and random lame shit in his room. He’s a virgin and the one opportunity he’s had was ruined because the chick saw his room and realised he’s weeb scum and she’s making a grave mistake. 

The point I’m making guys is your room says a lot about you. Unless you’re scooping an Anime nerd chick (who are lame and have poor hygiene btw) tone down the nerdy aspects of your room and try to ease chicks into what you’re into. Let her learn eventually rather than find out you’re lame from walking into your room.

Next step inviting her over. Now when talking to a chick and inviting her over everything in your room is new. You got these new speakers, this new TV etc because it gives you a talking point. Now when talking to her on a day to day basis slip in random information about these new speakers that you bought that just make everything sound so good you can’t go back to regular headphones. You just got Netflix on your new TV and need show recommendations what can she recommend. Eventually during your chat you drop the bait.
The bait can be anything, invite her over to listen to music, show you a good film on Netflix, cook some food together, smoke a joint or just chill and chat shit. Remember to tell her you’re just trying to chill and she should keep any bad ideas out her head because you don’t do sex on the first date. Helps to not scare the kitty. 
When she asks you for your postcode begin prepping. If you told her you were gonna cook then have your ingredients. Told her you were gonna listen to music? Have your Spotify premium on deck. Told her you were gonna smoke and do a few balloons? Have about a q (£60 pounds worth of weed) and a few boxes with you. 
When she comes over make sure your playlist is set up ready (All we do by Kaytranada. Google it and play it) and just talk as normal. If you intended to smoke then do so, cook, watch a movie etc. Do not make a move early otherwise she’ll leave. Let her get comfortable at your place and start asking you about shit. It’s an indicator of interest. Now here’s what you do. Initiate a playfight or in my case because I do martial arts I teach women how to fight which lets me get close. If you’re watching a movie and it’s scary for example tickle her pretending you know she’s scared. If you’re smoking do a blowback then kiss her. Think outside the box. Once you’ve kissed them employ simple seduction techniques such as kissing the ear, neck etc and then ggwp go and boast to your friends about how easy it was to smash this chick even though it took dark tech.

To top it off you can use the techniques shown in my other posts in order to choose if you wanna keep them in rotation or not. 

I decided to do a meta post for you guys because I want to break it up and teach you internal and external game as you can’t use one without the other. I feel evil releasing this dark tech to the world but posts gotta fly. 

Drop this post in your group chats, share on twitter and let the word of game be spread. We’re all in this together as men. Share the love and bring your brothers in. 

If each of you drop the link for this in your whatsapp groups then tell your boys to drop this to one of their boys hopefully we keep the art of game alive forever because in this day with men growing up to be lame as shit to the point they’re even becoming feminists we need it. 

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