The Truth About Height

So I’ve been having a few of my readers ask me about height and I’m just gonna be real with you. Height is relative to power. Now I love doing this but let’s go way back to caveman times and realise why women have a thing for taller guys. Taller men in those times were the Alpha and providers because they assured their wife offspring that was going to be looked after. They were the taller stronger braver men and often got their pick of the crop because of these traits.

Fast forward to present day none of that shit matters. Power no longer comes from height but by a man’s assets. Do you think Tory Lanez or Little Wayne are complaining about a lack of women who want to fuck them? No? Wanna know why? Because with great power comes bitches. It’s like a little shortcut.

What short guys need to realise is what’s not gonna stop you getting girls isn’t your height it’s where you are. Do you live at home? Do you drive? Are you witty and funny ask fuck? Do you have a good body and a nice pay cheque each month? This are symbols of power in this day and age. Height as most tall guys who don’t really scoop chicks will tell you is just an added bonus. Bitches are still gonna flake, still gonna demand that you bring more to the table than she does and it’s just a little easier if anything.  It’s the same with guys who have different body types just because you’re in shape and attract women a lot easier doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with the same bullshit every other guy does.

TL:DR Short guys need to have their shit in check in order to offset their height. Height is an added bonus but not the be all and end all.

This isn’t a feel good post it’s more along the lines of if life has dealt you a set of cards remember that whilst some are immovable (height) there are some cards you can change you just need to put in work.

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