Abundance mentality


VII. Always keep two in the kitty 

Never allow yourself to be a “kept man”. A man with options is a man without need.” – Heartiste

I can’t lie at some point every guy will find a girl that he thinks is the one above all and sometimes you’re right this babe is your end game and you’re done but what happens when this isn’t the case and you lose all your hoes.

This happened to me in the past. I generally thought you know what I’m good and I don’t need these side Bitches because they don’t compare to my main in any way. Locked off all my hoes and guess what? Turns out I was seeing a lying cheating whore who was the female equivalent of Eddie Guerrero and when I locked it with her I was left with nothing.

I had to redownload tinder, do some day and night game and generally put in a shift in order to get my dick wet again. I vowed one thing. Never again will I make this mistake unless I’m about to marry a bitch. What no one tells you is the longer you’ve been out the game the harder it is for you to attain the woman you want when you come back into the game.

If you play street fighter and take a break from it, when you do come back to it you won’t remember all your old combos and you’ll be rusty as fuck. Same thing with going gym if you slack off you’ll drop the weight you lift and it’s the same thing with game.

The reason why most men should keep two in the kitty though is simply because it helps you not become needy and builds abundance mentality.

Abundance mentality is the ability to care less about everything because you always have a fall back plan. A chick flakes on a date that you’ve been talking to for a while. She flakes last minute and gives you an extremely shit reason. A guy who doesn’t have a rotation and is completely invested in this chick will lose his shit and probably end up like Elliot Rogers. A guy with a rotation of women will hit her back with a simple yeah cool whenever you’re free let me know because even though he’s been flaked on it doesn’t phase him at all and do you know why that is? Because he already has a solid rotation and isn’t starved for pussy so therefore he can afford to have a chick flake because as fun as it would be to have a new pussoir to dive into he’ll lose out on nothing.

Abundance mentality spreads over onto over things as well simply because when you’re less invested you’ll care less and therefore won’t act as needy for example if you’re on tinder, insta or twitter and a girl airs your dm you won’t care because you already have chicks there. When you talk to a chick in a club and she drops the I have a bf line you won’t care because you’ve already got chicks there. Obviously this doesn’t mean you stop gaming because if you get comfortable then rust will set in but at least on your journey of attaining women you’ll stop acting like a loser when shit doesn’t go your way.

One day a chick will be talking shit on whatsapp and because she’s not the only woman that’s hopping on your dick you’ll feel no way to block her arse for a few hours until she gets that behaviour in check.

One of the biggest factors of abundance mentality which I think deserves a space and decent chunk of its text alone is the ability to reject women. What a guy who doesn’t have all his eggs in one basket can do is gain the ability women (which because about 75% of women do the choosing) to reject women based upon their own choosing.

Men are usually the ones doing the chasing it’s just the way things are whilst women decide who they wanna fuck and when. By adopting this mindset you’ll start to question women based upon what they can bring to the table. Instead of going on a date and thinking wow am I even gonna get to hit that tonight you get to take the seat of judgement and weighing up your options.

Can she cook? does she travel? Has she got a good taste in music? Is she thinking I’m out of her league? All these sort of questions will start entering your head and when you start asking her and making her realise you’re the one with cards currently faced in attack mode and she needs to meet your standards the role flip will be felt.

Most men haven’t felt this level of power but with an abundance mentality you’ll mimic the actions of the top 10% of males who do the choosing of women and by adopting the mentality of those men you become one. Fake it till you make it. Confidence is not thinking “I’ll be okay, they’ll like me”, true confidence is knowing “I’m good even if these women don’t like me”.

“suspend your disbeliefs, until they become unshakeable believes” – Heartiste.

This means you keep believing in a certain way until you become it. If you believe you’re the one who rejects and has control over women then you’ll become that guy as long as you keep believing it and actively doing it. If you believe you’re the best thing out since bread with no crusts (it exists and is amazing guys) you start to mirror the actions of a guy who believes that internally. Think of the mind set that a guy who gets whatever chick he wants.  He gives no fucks does as he pleases then answers to no one.

You should be adopting this mentality even when you don’t have a harem because you will start to radiate the aura of a man with options. You get woman 1 playing up? You’ll feel no way to drop her and tell her “I’m just not in the right place for a relationship” whilst replacing her and not missing out on getting your dick wet because woman 2 is there.

I just realised how dark this post got Lmao but the game isn’t pretty and we’re all out here trying to get this money and pussy so I’m just gonna be real with my readers and tell it how it is.

This post and stuff will only work with guys with a naturally dark disposition. Other men will simply feel too bad and shy away from this lifestyle but I’m just here to say it works. Give it a try at some point try to run two to three women at once and see if you were the same guy you were before. Your whole outlook on life will change because you’ll realise you can do whatever the fuck you like and feel like the king of the galaxy.

Guys who have experienced this life will nod their heads in a yes fashion to this post and salute. Guys who are learning game will be anticipating the level up they get from trying this. Guys who want a relationship will take in the knowledge but not dismiss it and guys who don’t believe in game will be like rawr XD look at this bullshit.


Anyways Peace enjoy.

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