Qualifier Tinder Bio

Here’s a quick tinder bio that will get women to message you more and it’s simply “Describe yourself in 3 emojis” If you guys follow me on twitter you would have seen me tweet this just to show you guys that people can help but wanna talk about and describe themselves it’s just a thing we as humans do.

What this bio does is allow her to message you with low investment and give you an angle from which to work with. For example she sends you a surfing wave emoji and you can spin it like “Is the first emoji because I’m making you wet? I mean you know we’re still gonna take this slow right”.
She sends you the praise hands and you can say “I didn’t take you for the devote christian type what are you doing on tinder then” etc etc.

Other qualifiers are adding stuff to your bio that make you look like a made man by adding requirements into your bio for example my famous line in my other tinder post “No crazy chicks”. You’ll be amazed at how many women will message you first trying to prove they’re not crazy.

Other qualifiers include “I’ve yet to find a woman who’s a better cook than me” “Women who can show me their art are amazing” “Women who listen to X genre or travel are welcome” all will have chicks put in the work for you.

Making women qualify themselves to you puts you in the position of power and has now separated you away from the rest of the losers in her inbox because she’s now interested in talking to you and telling you about herself all which you didn’t ask for.

Just a quick bit of useful information lads.


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