Elaborate, Bait, Question, Escalate

So a thing I keep getting asked on my twitter is how to make conversations last longer with women. How do you get pass the wuup2 nm u type convos that plague all men alike. Today I shall teach you the art of talking to women for longer than a couple sentences that lead nowhere.

When initiating conversation the key to making it work is to pretend you’re a lot more invested than you actually are. This is quite easy to do if you follow the formula I’m about to teach you which is basically a mash up of roosh GALNUC technique and random things I have read on heartiste over the years.

Now to pretend you’re more invested in the convo than you really are the way to do is not by continuously asking her wuup2 every 5 minutes expecting her answer to be any different than it was a few minutes ago.

Start with a question and use the information she gives you to give you something to branch off into even if she says “Nothing much”. Look at a conversation like a tree with branches than sprout out into one another and don’t be so linear with it.

Let’s say you ask her “So how was your day” or “How’s it going” and she responds “Just went to the hospital that’s it you?” most guys would just respond “Yeah I was chilling today and went work”. That is a shit fucking response which we’re all guilty of doing sometimes especially went we aren’t that invested in the girl and it makes it more apparent that you just wanna smash and dash.

She tells you “I went to the Hospital” the first thing you should do is elaborate which is basically trying to get her to give you abit more information to work with which we will use to further the convo.

After she elaborates and for example says “Yeah I hurt my arm and had to check it wasn’t broken” this is where the second stage the bait comes in. Bait is essentially making her invest into the conversation by feeding her something to work with so that even if she is a poor conversationalist she could throw something back at you. Bait is essential feeding her something like “Yeah it’s a good thing you got that checked out (insert your broken bone story or relative tale)” in order to give her something to work with.

If performed properly she will ask you something about the story or information you just gave her. Follow that by abit more information given to her which you will further branch into a question.

So after that sob story you told her about your arm because you baited her into asking you about it the next step is to spin it into a question to keep it going by simply saying to her? “have you ever broken any bones or injured yourself really badly?”.

There you have it lads a simple way to keep the conversation going by using this formula. I discovered it by watching my female friends talk and keeping tabs on how they involve me in long ass conversations I wasn’t trying to invest in mixed with some elderly game.

Google search elderly game or just read up on it in roosh’s book called bang and it should teach you what elderly game is which is essentially the same concept I’m teaching you guys but more detailed. Elderly game is basically using bait when talking about a simple subject for example when a girl asks where you’re from instead of just saying “your area” you say something more along the lines of “I grew up in this area but the rough side where I saw so much crazy shit growing up you wouldn’t even believe me if I told you, what about you what area are you from was it a good or bad area growing up?”. See how one of those answers could be used to take a conversation further and the other one was complete trash. That’s how you’re supposed to branch the conversation further with women. Speaking with this concept will separate from all the lame guys out there who don’t have a clue on how to talk to women.

The key concept behind this technique is to use any opportunity to make the conversation to last longer which makes her feel more connected to you as you will eventually become the guy she wants to share her day with because you’re the guy who cares and listens. This works even if you just wanna smash and more so if you wanna take it further with her because females are emotional beings and when we share something with someone who genuinely wants to listen it makes us like them more.

Abuse this shit that’s what I’m writing it for.

Peace and Love


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