To roast or to dumpsterdive

​ If the lads don’t know the standards go low? Or nah  
So I was chilling with my housemate who is a natural in the game. He smashes chicks with no effort, has multiple chicks in rotation and lets every chick know from the get go he only wants pussy. I’ve seen him smash monsters and chicks I would make the mother of my kid but he treats them all the same and fucks them then kicks them out. 

Now he explains to me his theory and its pussy is pussy. To expand on this theory it is simply that even though all women look the same once you’re inside that hole and you pull off that 30 second knee shaker none of it matters. As long as you get that nut you’re fucking happy. 

The pros of this lifestyle are that you will never roast ever. You’ll constantly have vagina on tap and you’ll have  so many Bitches on your case that you’ll never have a moments rest without some new but sometimes not all that new but different pussy whenever you want. Women are boring and when not watching love and hiphop/kardashian bullshit they like to partake in taking dick. You’ll always have a bitch to fuck all times of day. 

Now the bad side to this is glaringly obvious. As much as you’ll have an abundance of women to choose from the talent pool will be small. By talent pool being small I mean you’ll have a lot of 4s with passable assets and 5s trying to get your time of day but the 6+ chicks won’t stay in your rotation and whilst you may smash one every now and again you’ll never hold one down because they require actual attention. You don’t need to shout a 4 or 5 they’ll ask you when you’re free but any other chicks you’ll still need to work. This will cause you to get lazy and complacent as compared to the higher number chicks the lower number chicks are easier and require less work leaving you with a rotation of a team so low level they can’t even defeat Brock. Of course there are exceptions the better looking you are but again it’s still hard. 

Another thing that happens is the sex just isn’t as fun. My housemate banged a chick and kicked her out then came my room after because I was up playing overwatch, rolled a zoot and said “Bruh I made her do everything I wanted and I could even get close.. Like I actually just couldn’t finish what the fuck”. 

Told him show me what she looks like and he’s giving me the bullshit excuses but eventually shows me and she’s fucking horrid but my lord the tits were amazing. You know those houdini tits where you only discover she has the perkiest anti gravitational device installed tits when she takes off her bra but with clothing she looks like a b cup. The face was complete woof though and I honestly wouldn’t bother. 

I said to my housemate when is the last time you’ve banged a buff chick and how was it. He described every single moment he spent with her in detail but I asked him to even try and remember a chicks name he dumpster dived in a couple months back and struggled. 
As men we need beauty in our women in order to enjoy sex to the fullest. Think about all the sexiest chicks you’ve ever fucked and if you notice you’ll remember their name and even may even have little mini clips in your brain from the session like an anime style flashback. 

The better looking the woman the better the sex. When you’re pounding away in missionary and you look down to see a cute face look back up at you with one finger in her mouth compared to a chick whose tits you would rather stare at than her face your whole experience changes entirely. You don’t care if a ugly chick cums but my lord you’ll put in the extra effort with a chick that’s a solid 8 out of 10 and you know why? It’s because sex with nicer women is more enjoyable it’s that simple. 
I haven’t even touched on the psychological effects of dumpster diving. When you dumpster dive what happens is you feel worse than you do before you even fucked the chick and its because if the next chick after her isn’t sexy as fuck then you’ll put yourself in a bad place mentally because you’ll start to if not immediately begin to feel like this is the level you’re at where you only attract low levels. If you surround yourself by trash you become trash. Keep fucking low tier chicks and you’ll lose the confidence to bang chicks you deem higher because the chase will become hard and you’ll get complacent as a guy. I’ve seen many a man not chase the 7 because they’ve got 2 5s in rotation and it would require too much work. It’s bad for you mentally and doesn’t allow you to push yourself to attain more. Why do I need to go gym? Train hard and grind when I can do nothing whilst still banging 5s is the mentality that ruins men. 

When you bang a chick who’s high tier what happens? If you don’t know here’s what happens. You’ll leaves her house calmly but then jump in the air and click your feet when you’re not in view of her house. You’ll feel like an untouchable God who was put on this earth to experience what these lesser beings find enjoyable for your own entertainment until you eventually get bored and head back to the high heavens. You’ll call up your friends, walk into work with a smile and generally be glowing like you’ve just collected a star in Mario because that’s how you’ll feel. 

Whilst it’s hard as a guy and sometimes you wanna let the standards go low when the lads won’t know but it will only damage you in the long run. A solid rotation of high numbers is better than a huge rotation full of low numbers. In pokemon if you were given only 6 poke balls and went out and caught 6 random pokemon yeah you would have a team quickly but it would be full of rattata, pidgeys and caterpie which would be useless. If you saved those balls and only reversed them for pokemon with higher base stats then you would net a smaller team over time but it would be more solid with higher levels and variances throughout. 

Just a thought. 


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