The power of a female wingman

It works yo
Now as men most of us have do not see the value in keeping chicks around that you’re not banging because women chat shit the majority of the time whilst men only speak to transpire information. Women will literally sit down for hours talking about the colour of their nails and other dumb woman crap whilst men would just be like “wait why are your nails painted Bro that’s gay”.

But what if I told you there was a use for women on your arm that you’re not fucking. What if I tell you that women know women better than a man could ever possibly know a woman and that by having a female wingman it’s essentially a game hack that enables you to scoop Bitches with eeaassseee.

Well guess what motherfuckers I’m not lying and I’m gonna talk you guys through the benefits. Pros and cons with in depth explanations.

Now you see as how guys we can look at other guys and we can  like he gets Bitches, he doesn’t, this guy sits indoors all day playing ps4 or this guy gets taken for a Dickhead with every chick he interacts with guys know guys just by looking at them. Even if we aren’t always right we are somewhat near the mark.

Women can do the same with other women with the upmost accuracy. I used to have a female friend who was a voracious whore to the point I was scared of touching her (even scared of letting her touch my arm yo) in case I caught something but she told me amazing stories, gave me an insight to women I would have never been able to achieve on my own and wing maned me better than all my guy friends. I would sit down with her on tinder swiping and she would tell me which chick to super like, what chicks would put out and after how many dates down to a tee. Anyways I got drunk one night and ended up fucking her (I’m trash btw) and I’m legit upset because I lost a serious asset to my game.

Female wingmen will open a group of chicks for you that would have been difficult by yourself, if she’s nice then you can put her on your arm to raise your value in the venue (women love guys that are preselected) and make it easier to attract attention from the higher point grade chicks around you.

For your female wingman to be successful she needs to have dark triad traits and be somewhat open sexually. Find a whore, resist the temptation to bang her, throw her in the friend zone and get her to become your eyes because even in situations where let’s say you have to decide between which two chicks you wanna bang your wm will always pick the best one if you train her well. A chick wm will also spot eyes on you way faster than any of your guy friends would realise because chicks won’t care if a chick is watching them whilst they’re interested in a guy but they will immediately turn away if its one of the guys friends. I should do an article on eye and attraction games chicks play. (Pro tip get a selfie with her and stick it on your tinder)

The cons of a female wingman are they get jealous if they see you enjoying life without them especially if you ditch her for too long in a club in order to scoop another chick unless you state beforehand. They need attention in order to keep using them so you’ll have to listen to her guy troubles and give her advice she will probably never listen to or use. You’ll need to pretend your friendship isn’t simply one sided which is easy if she isn’t a complete lame and you genuinely care about her somewhat which guys find hard to do with a girl they’re not fucking.

Female friends have a place in this world you just need to find the use for them believe me.

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