Tinder boost (Tips and tricks) 

This is gonna be a short post but a handy one for you guys.

12 matches in 10 minutes ridiculous right? No you’re wrong. Tinder has seemed to add this boost feature as a way to get men to pay even more money to use this crap.

But alas we have a trick when you pay for tinder pro everytime you restart your account you get a new boost therefore we can constantly get a new supply of Bitches quickly with every new account made.

Make account > activate boost > use macro and swipe till they ban you getting more matches > secure numbers from Bitches you’ve picked up >??? > profit.

I wasn’t gonna share because I don’t want this method banned but I also don’t want you guys wasting hella money on boosts when it’s really not worth it in the slightest.

Also when using your boost keep your radius small so the chicks closest to you see you first. The closer a chick lives to you the more chance of you smashing effortlessly.

Enjoy lads.


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