Get used to it bitch
So I write this piece after being rejected going in for a kiss on a chick I’ve already smashed. I beat it up like her name was Rhonda Rousey and I was Amanda Nunes but all of a sudden she decides that she’s better than meaningless sex and you know what I respect it. You go girl more power to you because Lord knows I was never gonna wife her and just use her up until I got bored. Pump and dump these hoes bruh. I ended up getting laid the same day anyways because I double booked and the rejection from earlier didn’t phase me one bit. 
Now this post will be about Rejection and why it shouldn’t phase you, why you should embrace it and use it in your favour because it’s actually not that deep if you get rejected it’s a part of life.

If you applied for jobs and every single cv you sent out got you a job just like that it would be amazing right? Of course it would but guess what life doesn’t work like that.

You see a girl walking extremely fast with headphones on and decide to stop her 7/10 fine ass and she tells you to fuck off what do you do? Do you beat yourself up and think man if only I was better looking or why do I keep getting rejected? Or do you think Meh she doesn’t know what she’s missing or do you think fuck her she’s a bitch. 

If you lose your shit over a girl that’s not invested in you then you’re only hurting yourself because you’re placing women above you. Start viewing yourself as the prize and Rejection will start to phase you less. When you get rejected just think “ah well she’s missing out on this dick” or “she’s missing out because I’m fucking amazing lol whatever”. Stop beating yourself up over failure because sometimes whilst she could just not be into you there’s other deciding factors.
You see a girl walking home, she’s an 8/10 cutey you would take home to your mum. You pluck up the courage, take a deep breath and walk over to her to go for the number. “Sorry I’m not interested” she says. What you don’t realise is she’s currently in a texting battle with her mother and isn’t in the mood to talk to anyone, what you don’t realise is she’s still hung up over her ex praying she can back with him eventually, what you don’t realise is she’s just come back from the clinic and found out she’s got an sti and can’t have sex for a week.

The point I’m getting at here is there are other factors at work here and it’s not everyday beat yourself up over things you may have no control over. Instead of beating yourself up over something that may not even be your fault just think to yourself she’s missing out and be onto the next one.

Game is essentially a numbers game so if you approach 0 chicks then you’re probably gonna sleep with 0 chicks unless you’re me and women just throw it at you. In order to achieve we must fail and learn from those mistakes. You need to step out of your comfort zone and start living because if you don’t then Friday nights playing world of warcraft with one hand on the mouse and the other on your cock alt tabbing between xhamster and your guild raid talking to your other loser friends on discord will be your life.
Look at it like this without failure success has zero meaning. If you smashed every single chick you set your eyes on you would start craving for something else because it would become boring. Getting rejected is the best because you know she isn’t interested which means you don’t need to spend hours pretending you care about her life when you want to smash, because if you invested that time and still haven’t shoved your unsheathed penis inside her you’ll end up raging and literally shaking. 

Anyways peace guys embrace rejection like you were born in it because you essentially were. 


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