Rain drops (Tinder opener) 

So I’ve been running a new opener on tinder with a high success rate and its a simple one that works like 90% of the time. 

Simply message a girl saying “Rain drops” the reason this works is because currently there’s a popular song called bad and boujiee by the migos and everyone who isn’t lame and up to date with popular trends knows it. 

The reason I message women this is because it’s a low investment opener I can spam, it’s unique and if she responds drop top then I know she’s not gonna be some boring ass boffin square who will talk about topics I care nothing about on our first date. 

When it comes to openers you need to be thinking like this because it allows you to work a unique angle no one else is currently using. 

Examples you ask? Why the fuck not I respond because as men we love to see evidence here it is. 

Clueless hottie but none the less still got her to respond 

Don’t ask mate I’m wondering wtf myself.. I didn’t even bother responding. 

You getting the point I’m making here? 

She didn’t know what it was so I diverted the convo into her interests and then talked about music for a bit before going for the number. 

I would post all my number closes but I’ve only just figured out how to edit pics on my phone, I’m currently writing this on my break at work and I’m going to do a post on closing in a bit anyways so I’ll show you guys then. 

Regardless you get my point. Think outside the box and reap rewards. I know all you guys are gonna steal this but by time you do I’ll already have a new opener so whatever. 



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