Indicators of interest/disinterest 

Indicators of interest aka IOIs
So I didn’t realise it was a thing but there’s a lot of guys who will talk to a girl and be completely clueless as to what her body is saying compared to what is coming out of her mouth. They miss out on vital signs that shows she’s interested and you can go for the number rather than missing out on free pussy because you didn’t know better. I’m gonna break them down into levels like a video game because I feel like it.

Level 1 -The not so obvious unless you know

• Eye contact – this should be the thing you look for first in all honesty. Women invite you to talk to them with their eyes. Always remember that if she double takes then she probably thinks you’re her type. When looking for eye contact if a woman is interested she’ll hold eye contact for just that bit longer than usual and that’s the invitation I mean you have to learn what look it is but it’s one of them things where if you know you know. Check if she looks deep into your eyes during convo as well and watch for pupil dilation as well especially if she has something like blue eyes and also see if she maintains eye contact during your conversation.

• Hair play – when a chick is into you she instinctively fixes up her hair. It’s natural human body language to want to look the best for a potential mate it dates back to caveman days honestly Google it or something. If she fixes up her hair or plays with it when talking to you then you’re honestly already in there.

• Interest level – does she laugh at your jokes, smile constantly when in your presence, hit you if you tease her or continues the convo if it dies then these are signs that she really wants to get to know you which are pretty obvious but until you know you’ll never look out for.

Level 2 – SubBoss (Your princess might not be in another castle)

• Touching – if for what ever reason a girl touches you first, initiates a hug, touches your arm or chest playfully then she’s into you. If she responds to your play fighting attempt with her trying to fight back you’re in there. You need to understand if a girl touches you without you touching her in a way like this means you’re already in there. Play fighting is another whole topic I’ll get into another day which is amazing for closing. If she barges or pushes pass you playfully when walking pass you then she’s into you I think you guys are getting my points now but I’m drilling them into you so even if I have to repeat myself I’m going to

• Questioning and communication –  Bitch Wut??  – If a girls into you then she’s always gonna ask personal questions. A general rule of thumb and one of the most important points other than eye contact is if she starts asking you where you live, how old you are and if you have a gf/assuming you already have one. Women who aren’t interested don’t give a shit about you and will one word answer any questions you ask them but if they start asking about you then it’s a wrap honestly.

• Random tidbits – Does she randomly hit you up when you haven’t spoken to her first? Interested. Does she compliment you? Interested. Reinstate convo or build rapport with you? Interested

Level 3 –  final boss level (Use a condom and stop Sigma virus from spreading)

If you got that megaman x reference then kudos to you but here we lie at the obvious points of interest where its just a joke at this point

• Asks for your postcode after talking for a while – the pussy is in the bag mate

• Plays footsies under the table or let’s you hold her hand

• Says sexual things or indicates things in a sexual way such as pretending to give head to an ice lolly or some dumb shit.

Bonus stage –  indicators of disinterest (Trump has the chaos emeralds)

• Distance –  she stays away from you and keeps her distance when you talk and tries to keep convos extremely to the point and short

• Convo – she one words everything and doesn’t ask you questions back for example you ask what area she’s from and she doesn’t ask you back? Leave it mate somebody is already tapping it lol your princess is in another castle

• Body language –  she turns away or looks around when talking to you, crosses her arms when talking to you or turns her feet away if her feet point away even just one foot she’s trying to leave ASAP.

• Leave –  she walks away with no intent of coming back or asks you to leave. GGWP you’ve used up all your continues start again with a new chick and move on

Anyways this should help a lot of guys and remember I don’t profit from this I’m just sharing knowledge because these Bitches ain’t shit and I honestly wanna help you guys.  Peace


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