Value yourself 

Now this post is something that’s been bothering me for a while. Men with no value fucking up the game and I think this post is essential and needed in the field right now. Currently 5/10s are acting like 9s, women who live at home with their parents unemployed are demanding men with a job, car, family oriented but still a little hood and earning lots of money whilst they bring nothing but a box that many men have know the joys of from as little as 3 tequila shots. Stop thinking if the boys don’t know the standards go low and delete that fat chick you accidently swiped right on tinder.

 The game is pretty fucked up right and for no reason at all because men are currently the prize no homo lol. 

The increase of this behaviour is apparent on tinder when chicks who don’t get spoken to other than by charity workers in the street match with you and expect dinner dates when they’re not even in your point grade. 

Men need to realise the market has flipped and men are the ones being chased. Focus on working out, getting an interesting hobby, getting that money and moving out of your parents house and watch the pussy fly in. Become the prize and you’ll start qualifying these women. Can she cook, is she fit to be anything more than a pump or dump, does she live at home, does she drive? All these things should be taken into account when dealing with these chicks and taking it any further than just blasting in her a couple times.


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