Get home safely 

Now a while back a chick I saw on a date gave me her number whilst her date was in the bathroom. We went for drinks the week after, she had a slim size 8 figure with everything in proportion to her frame, I honestly couldn’t wait to tear that ass up but we parted ways end of the night and I was sure I was gonna tear up that slim frame of hers with no lube. I went home smoked one and forgot all about her. Tried to hit her up a day or two later thinking yeah lemme just invite her over and it’s a wrap but she got vex I didn’t check if she got home safely which honestly I didn’t think was a big thing but then when I looked into it I fucked up majorly.
By not checking up on her well being she could feel my level of investment in her was low and I only wanted to smash which in all honesty was true I didn’t care if she got home safely or not which was a bad play on my part. But you guys are not me you don’t need to make the mistakes I do just learn from them.

A simple mistake like this which is something most men would never pay attention to but I realised my mistake. Women are complex creatures and for some reason even though we know she’s not some special needs window licker and could get home just fine with nothing ever happening to her. By simply saying are you home makes a woman believe you care about her more than you really do. I’ve implemented the art of simply asking a woman if she’s home safely and the results have always been pussy.

Just a small thing us as guys overlook sometimes check if your Bitches get home ok.


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