How to make a woman like you more psychologically

Now I’m not gonna pretend I’m some genius who knows this stuff because I’ve studied it at uni or some shit but this is just stuff I’ve picked up whilst in the field which I later confirmed in a psychology book I happened to come across when I was torrenting a few books for myself.

The art of connecting with a woman is lost in this day and age of simply texting a bitch wuup2 and having her jump in an uber because she’s a horny at 11pm. Pussy doesn’t need to be worked for with chicks under a 6/10 and because of that guys often fail to scoop chicks higher than this range because they don’t know how to make her want you more. A few years in the field and you’ll no longer want a mediocre chick who you smash whenever but a high calibre wifey but in order to do this you gotta know how to connect with her and we do this by conversation. This post is for guys who have been out in the field for a few years but can be used by less experienced men to great avail.

So in order to attract a woman into your life you need to have a life worthy of attracting women too. This sounds simple but if you’re stuck indoors for 17 hours a day playing league of legends with your boys over discord only taking breaks to shower (If you remember) and eat you’re not gonna attract women too you. Think about it why does she want to be with a guy whose highlight of his day is the pentakill he got because they fed his Katarina/Akali mid lane. Bitches don’t wanna hear about this shit they want to meet interesting guys who do interesting things and live interesting lives which brings me to my next point.

Develop an interest or passion that you are actually passionate about. When you’re into something don’t be afraid of what it is as but make sure it’s your passion and you can tell someone who has no knowledge of it everything about it to the point they might be like yo I might check this shit out. I’m into martial arts and chicks who don’t even like martial arts can feel my passion behind it and I use it as a way to initiate playfights or ways to initiate touch by pretending to teach them. When chicks see you have something you’re into it separates you from every other guy she’s been talking too who only wanna smash but have nothing too them. You see how sometimes we find chicks who are fucking boring because all they watch is love and hiphop/trashy gossip shows there are guys like that who are hella boring as well. Be different.

This point is use of the Benjamin Franklin effect who is I do therefore I like. Let me explain this further as humans when we do something for someone we psychologically tell ourselves that because we’re doing something for someone else we must like the person otherwise we wouldn’t do it for them. This is kinda bad to do with women but you’re here to learn how to fuck bitches your morals are already fucked mate. When you’re talking to a woman you need to make her start doing small things for you at first for example making her call you at a specific time or send you a snap of something she’s currently doing. Once she complies you know she’s already into you and it’s honestly that simple. After a while you can turn it into stuff like bring some snacks from the shop, send nudes and whatever you can think of. This effect is noticeable with guys in prison who tell women to do things for them and guess what? Yeah I don’t even need to type anymore.

Learn to make her laugh and become a funny person who is witty. Steal jokes from your friends, from any show that isn’t how I met your mother and big bang theory and in general become a guy who is constantly making her laugh with shit you say. I don’t mean become the class clown and DO stupid shit to make her laugh because that has the opposite effect but if you say funny things in an Archer-Esque fashion (P.S Watch Archer his witty humour style works with women) it shows that you’re able to think quickly on an intellectual level. Slightly make fun digs at her when the time is right and generally control frame when it comes to humour. If you aren’t funny and are indeed boring I recommend watching Archer to help you build wit.

In order to connect with a woman, you need to become the guy she wants to share her day with because you find what she says interesting and it helps because the higher she is on the scale the more you’re gonna want to listen to what she has to say. Now this part only works if you have established from early that you’re interested and she’s interested you do not do this with a girl where no common ground has been established because you’ll end up rriigghhttt in the friendzone kicking yourself thinking how the fuck did I end up here. The truth is every girl has their number one guy who they want to speak too and you need to become that guy. Women like to talk but they need someone to listen and by you showing genuine interest in her day by digging further into her probably boring gossipy tales you become the guy she is just bursting to tell about the drama in her day. After a while of showing genuine interest she’ll let you know who her friends are sleeping with, who’s been fucked by a random guy in a car park over the weekend and other things that you’ll be able to use later if need be. The point is pry deeper into the convos you have with her and it will pay off but only if you have established a common ground.

To build trust with a woman you need to make her feel she knows more about you than anyone else does and this means you need to bring her in with a few secrets. Now I don’t mean you tell her how your Dad used to sneak into your room at night naked and punch you up or that the kids in class used to make you do star jumps to hear if there’s any loose change on you before they rob you. I mean you share funny secrets and embarrassing moments that you wouldn’t mind her sharing with anyone else because that’s what she’s gonna do. Those stories of you ending up naked on a random persons couch because of one too many jaegar bombs make for interesting tales and allow women to see a different side of you. You can use this secret sharing time to build a connection with her and tell her things she thinks no one else knows. It’s best to do this quite early but not like right off the bat but you’ll get a feel for it. Make sure you have one or two stories that are embarrassing and funny (Back to the point of living and interesting life) on deck for dates and general convo you’ll thank me eventually.

I shouldn’t have to mention this but psychologically connecting with a woman also involves touching. Without touch there’s nothing. You need to establish touching her early and making it a thing so she feels comfortable touching you. Don’t be afraid to initiate a playfight, fake read her palm and say that you see her sending nudes in the future or anything of that matter. Establishing touch from early gives you an indicator if she’s interested or not (A woman who doesn’t like you won’t want you to touch her) and allows you to gage her body language etc.

I don’t have much more to add to this other than make sure you hit gym, stay in shape and do interesting shit as a guy in order to be interesting to women. Peace out


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