Snapchat Game

How you should be using it

So it’s no surprise that guys aren’t using this tool correctly because it’s meant for chicks but as heartiste says an alpha male (I hate this term now) is more like a woman in terms of seduction and understands the psychology behind why they do things and then use them.

So one thing most men don’t know is phone numbers expire. Try hitting up a girl 5 months after getting her number and you’ll be met with a “who da fook is this guy” mcgregor type reply which will generally lead nowhere especially if you haven’t met her. With snapchat you basically put bitches into cold storage it’s like bitcoin but with women.

If you comment on a girls snap she posts and then you escalate the conversation based upon something she has posted you’ve basically reopened her. I’ve smashed chick’s months and even years later because elderly game aka just general convo can be easily made. Number transitions are easy on snapchat just don’t fall into the habit of complimenting selfies and thirst traps chicks put out to ensnare weaker men. Separate yourself from these guys by not doing this and instead learn to thirst trap we’ll talk about this later.

When you get a chicks number either by day game or tinder add her on snapchat.  What this does is give her an insight into your day to day life and give her an idea about you whilst you the same her. Use this as a tool to prove your high market value and only snap the fun shit you do. Learn to be subtle and mask all your actions so for example if you wanted to make a snap showing how much funds you have you would take a pic of all your cash and then type a caption saying deposit money. Are you depositing anything? Fuck knows mate but what this relays is a message such as this guy is business oriented or has money.

It also gives you a way to see if she’s a secret internet fatty, has fallen off over the years, has a bf etc. You invest literally no time flicking through her story but save yourself hours of bullshit you wouldn’t have found out without having to converse with her.

A chick is more likely to give you her snap than her number for the simple reason that she can delete you with no effort if you do creepy shit hence why bbm was so popular. It’s not the same as giving out a number in their minds anyways when in actuality it’s probably better than getting her number. When you message a chick on whatsapp she can check the notification, see the message and check it later with snapchat her curiousity will get the better of her because she won’t be able to see the message you send her.

This is what I mean by thirst trapping instead of a simple gym mirror selfie you caption it nearly there or if you want compliments put yourself down like women do especially if you know you’ve got it. Start posting vids of your friends doing stupid shit, events you go to and selfies of you with other women to put out the message of this is a fun guy who has a shit tom of fun all the time and I want to be a part of his life.

Learn to manufacture videos of you doing fun things with your friends in order to portray the image of you that you want to be seen don’t be afraid to get your friend to hold your phone for you whilst you flip a half empty bottle with Denzel curry ultimate playing in the background.

An example of elderly game use for guys who are new to game and need me to expand abit more. Let’s say a chick posts a half-naked pic in a Rick and Morty top. You message her ignoring the obvious compliment on the body you want to tear up later and say some shit like I didn’t know you were a fan, she replies with a comment and you mention it’s the funniest show to watch after smoking one, she replies that she enjoys that too and now you move the convo to you not knowing she was a smoker. You could literally move the convo anyway you want but you mention the exclusive strains your friends smuggled back from dam and if she wants to come try this amazing rare strain and if you need advice from here you shouldn’t be reading this.

Learn to use snapchat the way women use it and reap the rewards.

My next few posts will be about twitter game/insta game and more general self-help stuff regarding game for men. Make sure to follow the twitter and blog for more posts soon to come


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