How to make her want you more

This is a post for the experienced guy who has a few notches under his belt and a couple war stories to share. Have you ever noticed why some chicks will want you more after sex and why some chicks will just get up and leave without even as much as caring? The key answer I’ve realised is affection. Women love affection as much as they do getting choked during sex it’s a fact and it’s the hidden reason why they get attached. Using this information, we can choose what women we wish to keep in rotation.

Here’s how it goes lads if you don’t want a chick to get attached kick her out immediately after you fuck her and make sure she doesn’t stay over or get comfortable as this is where women will start to begin feeling they want more than just sex.

Here’s how to get her in rotation. Put on a film, grab some food and give her the gf treatment and affection. Let her rest her head on your chest, kiss her forehead and interlace fingers whilst holding her hand aka all the things you would do with a woman who has been your gf for a while. Women are emotional beings and by invoking emotional reactions from her by showing her affection she will become attached to you simply because of the way you make her feel safe and comfortable.

Try it with two new chicks in your rotation and see what happens. One you show no affection to and one you do and see which one wants to see you more and spend more time with you.

It’s actually that simple but the dangers of showing women affection is that if you do not intend to make her your gf anytime soon then don’t bother showing any because sooner or later probably after the 3rd bang (it’s always the 3rd bang) she’s gonna hit you with the what are we where is this going speech you so wanna avoid.

Learning how to use this ability will allow you control which women you choose to keep in rotation. Now you ain’t gotta ask yourself why these hoes be getting attached because you’ll know why they be getting attached.

That’s my lesson for today lads. Watch how you dish out them forehead kisses and how often you let a chick stay over because unless you want headache from a chick you just wanna stick it in then don’t abuse this.


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