Why Man is God

We were once cavemen who hunted for food, built fires from scratch, built and destroyed civilizations from scratch and attained the woman of our dreams by simply pursuing her.

Nowadays? Men in this generation have become a shell of their former selves with feminist man blobs taking over and the title of Alpha being looked down upon and shunned in society.

It’s happening all around us and the art of game will also be slowly forgotten. Men are the hunters, we hunt for food, we hunt for women and we do what ever the fuck we please but society has started to look down upon us for doing so and therefore I have come to create this archive of game for those men in the future who decide they wish to learn tricks of the trade when it comes to getting women.

I’ll be covering online game, body language, openers and every aspect of game I can think of. I will also answer any and all questions via email/twitter DM and hope that if I can even help spread knowledge from the old gen to the new then game will live on.

Any game related questions just send an email to godismanadvice@gmail.com


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