Watch how she treats others

This is probably going to be a random but short post of something I’ve realised during my course in the field and it’s watch how she treats those closest to her.

A trait most guys including myself overlook but it’s something that can help you figure out if she’s worth keeping for 6 months or 6 years.

A way a woman treats those closest to her is a major key man. Does she tell her parents to shut up when she’s angry? Does she spill the secrets of everyone close to her and gossip a lot then chances are she’s not a good person. Does she often refer to others as ugly and constantly compare herself to them?  Does she have the same friendship circle or change them constantly instead of having long life friendships spanning over at least 5 years? Does she attach value to how many guys try and chat her up all things you should be looking out for.

It sounds like something most men would realise straight away but sometimes when she’s throwing it back in reverse cowgirl you will tend to overlook but it will cost you down the line.

Two of the most destructive women I have ever met have had no respect to parents on the phone, gossiped and shared information of those to pretty much anyone and generally gave no fucks about anyone but themselves. They also took no accountability for any of their actions and blamed the parents/friends for everything no matter if they came hope high as shit whilst living at their parents or in general just not respecting the home.

My random fleeting thoughts.


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